Oct 18, 2020
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US threatens with sanctions all countries that will trade arms with Iran

Washington is ready to impose sanctions against all individuals and legal entities associated with the supply of weapons to Iran or the purchase of weapons from Tehran, said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

According to the politician, every country interested in peace and stability in the Middle East should refrain from any arms deals with Iran, TASS reports.

We will remind, on October 18, the arms embargo against Iran expired, it has the opportunity to sell and buy weapons. However, Tehran said that weapons of mass destruction have no place in the country's military doctrine. In addition, Iran does not plan on the bulk purchases of conventional weapons.

The United States actively opposed the lifting of the arms embargo against Tehran. In August, the United States proposed to the UN Security Council to extend the restrictions, but the document did not receive the required number of votes. Subsequently, the US authorities imposed national sanctions on arms sales to Iran.

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