Jan 9, 2022
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US threatens to make Russia a rogue state for Ukraine’s safety

US threatens to make Russia a rogue state for Ukraine's safety

Photo: Global Look Press

The United States plans to impose the toughest export restrictions against Russia, reports the Associated Press (AP). Washington can take this very unfriendly step towards the Russian Federation if Russia starts military operations against Ukraine. It is assumed that goods and technologies exported from America to Russia will fall under the embargo, including American developments necessary for the defense industry, as well as, probably, foreign goods manufactured under US jurisdiction.

Lately Kiev and the collective West have, at every opportunity, accuse Russia of preparing an invasion of Ukraine. Moscow has repeatedly denied such accusations; absolutely nothing happened on the supposed dates of the outbreak of hostilities. But accusations of nurturing aggressive plans continue to fall like snow on their heads. So 2022 began with a telephone conversation Zelensky and Biden all about the same: how to protect a sovereign Ukraine from aggression from Russia. The President of the Square cried in the shirt front of Big Brother, and good grandfather Biden, according to a White House spokesman Jen Psaki, “Made it clear that the United States, its allies and partners will respond decisively if Russia invades Ukraine in the future.”

Probably, the rumors about a possible embargo were the result of a heart-to-heart conversation between the two presidents. By the way, if it is introduced, Russia will find itself in a very interesting company. After all, similar tough US sanctions have already been imposed against Cuba, Iran, Syria and the DPRK. These countries, of course, are experiencing significant economic difficulties caused by the imposition of the embargo, but, despite this, they are “heavyweights” in the world political arena. In particular, the DPRK’s nuclear program not only provokes hysteria in Seoul and Tokyo, but also makes Washington very nervous: North Korean missiles are flying farther and farther, hitting targets more and more accurately, the power of their charge is increasing. And the Earth is round. And the east coast of the United States is not so far from the DPRK … Cuba – like a thorn in Uncle Sam’s eye – is not going to abandon the ideals of socialism. Syria, despite the internal political squabbles, continues to be one of the leading regional players. Iran, a traditional counterweight to Turkey, Israel and the United States, does not bend and forces them to reckon with their opinions.

This circumstance was noted by many users in the comments to the news about the possible embargo:

“You want to finish off our economy and deliver a really painful injection. Do you want nuclear missiles to appear on the “free market”, at least from Iran? Covering your henchmen will become two orders of magnitude more difficult, the world will become extremely restless ”;

“If the listed countries didn’t care about the American embargo, then Russia even didn’t care … The trade turnover between our countries is scanty, and under US jurisdiction only Ukraine, Moldova and Puerto Rico …”;

“The Island of Freedom and Korea did not betray communism no matter what, and Iran is one of the most ancient civilizations. The company is quite worthy “;

“America will be bursting with anguish trying to cover Israel itself when trade restrictions from Iran, for example, are lifted by reciprocity. And maybe there will be something else interesting, the separatists in Texas or the color revolution in Japan. We are studying!”

Expert Rostislav Ischenko, who specializes in Russian-Ukrainian relations, strongly doubts that the US is trying to prevent something by threatening Russia with an embargo.

– Russia has long intervened in the conflict and supports the LPR and DPR openly. Threats from the US are constantly coming in, so what? This has been going on for seven years. The Armed Forces of Ukraine have also been able to undertake full-scale hostilities for seven years now. But they do not do this, realizing that it will not end with anything good for them. If they want to commit suicide, please, but they will not do it, – Ishchenko is convinced.

Another portion of US sanctions for Russia is like a pellet for an elephant, he believes political scientist Mikhail Alexandrov

– Spit on them, we will live! I don’t understand why we are bothering with the USA at all? It has long been necessary to break off economic relations with them. Otherwise they put us on a sanctions hook and are now blackmailing us. Yes, we have companies interested in cooperation with the United States, for example Gazprom. But if the embargo is imposed, American companies will also suffer. They will burn all the investments that they put into the Russian economy.

We are a powerful country rich in natural resources. We are self-sufficient. Why are we scared like boys in short pants? Cuba, North Korea are small, poor states. Even Syria and Iran cannot be compared with us either in terms of territory or resources. And they don’t bend. Why is the United States being almond-shaped with China? Because China is acting in its own interests without looking back at them. Russia needs to do the same. And reorient your diplomacy. Now we are driving raw materials to the world market, but we need weapons, for example. To do this, you need to promote it in every possible way, and not sign non-proliferation agreements. And not to vote in the UN for sanctions against the same DPRK and Iran, which are our allies in the confrontation with the West.

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