Jun 30, 2020
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US State Department to finance Moldova’s “Euro-Atlantic aspirations”

The next US State Department program for students will be launched in Moldova

In the United States, despite great internal problems, they do not forget about little Moldova, or rather, about the Moldavian "Euro-Atlantic aspirations." And so that these “Euro-Atlantic aspirations” do not cause any doubts in Moldova, and a million do not mind.

It became known that the State Department of the United States decided to allocate $ 1.2 million, which will be spent on training future Moldovan lawyers. These funds will be used to implement the program “Improving the legal justification and drafting of legal documents in Moldova”.

"The priority task of US foreign policy in Moldova is to help the Moldovan people to achieve their Euro-Atlantic aspirations and support the country's efforts to become a safe, stable and prosperous state based on the rule of law,"

- The press service of the US State Department.

In addition to the fact that Washington wants to see Moldova stable and prosperous, they want to teach future lawyers to think critically, do the right legal justification, conduct legal research and draw up legal documentation correctly. All this is prescribed for the purposes of the program, which will begin to work in public and private higher educational institutions of Moldova at law schools. They want to teach all this to future lawyers in just one year. The program also aims at preparing the “right” teachers who would further carry the ideas of “Euro-Atlantic aspirations”. All events will be held under "close monitoring" and "performance evaluation," the US Department of State warned.

The next project for law students, launched by the US State Department, is part of a large program funded by Washington and aimed at “reforming and improving” Moldovan justice.

And a month has not passed since the launch of the previous State Department project aimed at criminal justice reform, for which it was decided to allocate $ 1.5 million. Among other tasks, the central place in the project is still the same “Euro-Atlantic” aspiration.

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