Nov 2, 2021
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US Senator calls Biden’s presidency “a disaster for the country”

The actions of US President Joe Biden as head of state have become a “real disaster” for the country. This statement was made by the US Republican Senator Rick Scott, reports RT.

The politician, referring to the documents of the United States Department of Commerce, indicated that in the third quarter, the country’s GDP fell to 2% on an annualized basis “against the backdrop of the inflationary crisis and the supply chain crisis growing under Biden.”

“In just nine months in office, pursuing a radical socialist course instead of a policy that really serves the interests of American families, he has driven America to dangerously low levels,” Scott said.

According to the senator, the wrong decisions of the American leader in a number of areas have also led to an increase in prices for “almost everything.”

“Under Joe Biden, Americans can no longer make ends meet. It’s time for the president to wake up and listen before the United States comes to a complete economic collapse, ”concluded Scott.

Earlier, former US President Donald Trump said that the incumbent head of the White House, Joe Biden, fell asleep at the climate summit due to boredom.

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