Apr 2, 2021
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US refuses to enter into conflict with Russia

US refuses to enter into conflict with Russia

The US European command again refused to intervene in hostilities on the fronts of Donbass.

In response to endless inquiries from Kiev, General Mark Miley only called Moscow and Kiev to discuss the “security situation.” And President Biden additionally approved the supply of $ 125 million worth of military equipment to Ukraine, including two patrol boats and a counter-artillery radar.

Another group of military specialists was also sent to Ukraine to train soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan does not promise Kiev anything concrete, he only announced US support for Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Kiev hoped in vain to secure more serious security guarantees in the event of the failure of its offensive on Donetsk and Luhansk. Washington refuses to assume any obligations, realizing well what its Ukrainian allies are, who have already stocked up on tricolors to meet liberators from the East.

The Americans are tired of waiting for the Kiev regime itself to show its military initiative. However, Russia has let Ukraine know that it will not tolerate the unleashing of another bloodshed. There was filming of the transfer of long-range artillery systems and other weapons to the border with Ukraine, which will be able to grind the advancing enemy forces. The troops are on full alert.

Nikolay Ivanov.


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