Jun 17, 2022
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US prepares strikes against Syria

US prepares strikes against Syria

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The United States intends to launch a series of new strikes on Syria together with Israel. It is reported by, referring to The New York Times.

As it became known, the Pentagon is involved in the preparation of a series of powerful strikes on Syrian territory. The main goals, including new ones, have already been selected. Israel should become the US partner in this “measure”.

Observers of the American edition, relying on their own sources, note that the responsibility for the recent shelling of Damascus International Airport lies with the United States, which fully controlled the Israeli IDF fighters that directly attacked this territory. It is possible that new strikes will soon follow on strategically important targets in Syria, both military and civilian, in particular, on military air bases and the port of Latakia.

On the eve of the military aviation of the Israeli Armed Forces made at least two attempts to fly up to the borders of the Arab Republic in the region of the province of Latakia, but this and possible shelling of the territory was prevented by fighters raised on alarm from the Khmeimim airbase.

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