Oct 29, 2021
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US postpones testing of hypersonic weapons ahead of summit with Putin – media

The United States has delayed testing of hypersonic weapons days before the June summit of White House chief Joe Biden and Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Politico reported.

This information was confirmed to the correspondents of the publication by sources in the Pentagon and the US Congress.

Less than a week before Biden met with Putin in Geneva, the White House ordered the Pentagon to delay long-planned tests of a hypersonic missile, so as not to “escalate tensions with Moscow,” interlocutors said.

At the same time, an unnamed source in the US Department of Defense noted that Russia also “did not carry out provocative actions” before the meeting of the heads of the two states.

The White House, in turn, did not agree with this information and stressed that it was “not entirely accurate.”

Earlier, Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov expressed the opinion that at present the dialogue between Russia and the United States on strategic stability is developing in the right direction and is of a professional and substantive nature.

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