Dec 29, 2020
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US plans to impose sanctions against Russia due to cyber attack

Team of US President-elect Joe Biden is discussing a possible response from Russia after a massive hacker attack. Reported by Reuters .

The future head of administration Ron Klein clarified that “not just sanctions” are being prepared against the organizers of the hack, but measures that would reduce the ability to carry out such attacks. At the same time, the candidate for the post of the head of the Ministry of Energy Jennifer Granholm said that it is still unknown who is behind the hack.

After the inauguration, the Biden administration will consider possible options for Russia’s response. Among them – the imposition of tough economic sanctions or a cyber attack on Russian infrastructure. It is noted that the team is discussing the creation of a means of deterring Russia’s ability to “carry out cyber espionage in the future.” At the same time, the team of the President-elect intends to “avoid escalating the conflict” between the countries.

Recall that in mid-December 2020 Russian hackers hacked the systems of the US Treasury and the National Telecommunications Administration and Information Agency (NTIA) is a division of the US Department of Commerce. This hacker attack has been called one of the largest attacks on US government systems in the past five years

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