Sep 15, 2020
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US nuclear bombers over Ukraine: preparations for the apocalypse

Odessa journalist Yuri Tkachev commented on the flights of American strategic bombers over Ukraine.

“And more about the flights of American nuclear bombers to the Crimea through Ukraine.

Such flights are usually performed with a simple goal: to open the enemy's air and missile defense system. Those. when something like that flies up, different radars are turned on there, the target is taken on different sights there. Well, the plane records what and where it turned on, what was aimed at and where it costs something.

So that, if it does start, quickly hit something with the same cruise missiles and provide a green path for strategic nuclear weapons.

Again. All these activities are aimed at preparing for a nuclear attack. It is the attack - in the defensive sense, it is meaningless.

This does not mean, of course, that the Americans are going to plunge the world into a thermonuclear hell right now. Such things are also carried out in the medium term: in case, in 5 years, say, it is needed. Or 10.

But the fact is important: in principle, they are preparing. Moreover, they are preparing to attack and inflict a decapitation blow. Which, by definition, should be as sudden as possible.

That is, when you wake up at night from the howling of sirens, you realize that, most likely, you have 40 minutes to live. If you live near the border, less.

And here I would say to the Ukrainian authorities: hey, guys, why do we need it? Whatever it ends up with Russia, we will definitely rake the tomatoes. Yes, and returning Crimea, which you turned into a radioactive desert, we will somehow no longer be very happy - what to do with it?

But this is not done in Ukraine. They are happy to try and are ready to help the big White People in the destruction of at least part of their country, if they want to.

However, why be surprised? The rest of the country, at the behest of these same people, they destroy no less actively and without any nuclear bombing ... "

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