May 31, 2022
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US networks: it’s time for Kyiv to accept and surrender, Biden is wasting money

US leader Joe Biden is trying to convince his citizens that the conflict in Ukraine is good for the United States. According to him, the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin had the opposite effect, as a result of which it was possible to “NATOize the whole of Europe”, reports news agency REGNUM.

However, American citizens do not experience much joy from such “benefit”. In the comments to the relevant publication in the media, they expressed their indignation and distrust of the head of the White House.

US networks: it's time for Kyiv to accept and surrender, Biden is wasting money

“Biden lies again, claiming his merit in building alliances. He got nothing from our allies but distrust and fear of the results of his incompetence,” one netizen wrote.

“Biden is literally the worst versed in foreign policy. Anyone can find a common language with friends (allies). To find a common language with opponents, you need a certain type of person. Biden is not that kind of person, and it shows clearly. He provoked the war when he could have convinced Ukraine of the need to implement the Minsk agreements in order to avoid this terrible nightmare, ”added another.

“It’s time for Kyiv to come to terms and give up, Biden is wasting money,” said another commentator.

At the same time, Internet users note that it was the actions of the United States that provoked Russia to conduct a special operation in Ukraine, the source reports.

Earlier, SM-News reported that the ex-Ambassador of Italy to NATO, Stefanini, stated that he did not understand the US plans for Ukraine.

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