Jan 7, 2021
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US Navy to begin patrolling in Russian Arctic

US Navy Secretary Kenneth Braithwaite announced that the country’s navy will begin regular patrols near Russian shores in the Arctic, Breaking Defense writes.

According to him, the Pentagon will have to “act more aggressively” in the Arctic in order to challenge Russian as well as Chinese “claims” in the region.

“The sea routes in the North are becoming navigable, the US Navy is going to guarantee our partners freedom of navigation,” he said.

Braithwaite also added that the United States’ main advantage in the region is its submarines.

In December, the Ministry of Defense announced the intensification of NATO provocations near the borders of the Russian Federation. In particular, the General Staff is concerned about the increased number of calls by NATO ships into the Black, Baltic and Barents Seas. In addition, the number of strategic aviation flights of the United States increased, as well as the number of US and NATO combat training activities near Russia’s northern borders under the pretext of containing the Russian Federation in the Arctic.

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