Jan 10, 2022
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US may impose embargo on Russia, like on Iran and Syria – media

The United States may include Russia on the list of countries subject to the most severe export restrictions, the Associated Press and Bloomberg report, citing officials.

It is noted that today severe export restrictions are in force against Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Syria. For example, these countries have limited supply of consumer goods that use US-made electronics.

The embargo against Russia, according to publications, will take effect if the situation in Ukraine escalates. In this case, restrictions may apply to aviation products, tools, as well as TVs and smartphones.

The agency’s sources explained that no specific decisions have been made on this matter at the moment.

Earlier, CNN reported that the United States fears the consequences of anti-Russian sanctions for the West. It was noted that the administration of the American president has not yet decided on the set of restrictions that Washington will be ready to impose against Moscow when the situation around Ukraine aggravates.

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