Sep 13, 2021
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US killed its own agent and seven children in Afghanistan – investigation

The last US strike on Afghanistan was called justified. They say, they hit the bomb so that it did not become a threat to the American military. However, the NYT investigation proves that they killed the US agent, and with him seven children.

The New York Times released an investigation into the latest US strike in Afghanistan, which struck on 29 August. Previously, this strike was called justified, insisting that the drone blew up the car in which there was an ISIS bomb *. Allegedly, this bomb was a threat to the US military in Kabul.

Analyzing the video materials, the journalists of the publication came to the conclusion that the car was driven by a man named Zemari Ahmadi who worked for the American mission. On the day of the strike, he transported his colleagues to work and home. And in the trunk, apparently, Ahmadi was loading not a bomb, but cans of water.

Another lie that appears to have been exposed is the death toll from the bombing. Apparently, not three civilians were killed, as US officials said, but 10 people, including seven children.

Ahmadi’s brother named Enamel confirmed in an interview with reporters the information about the work of the deceased in the United States:

“They were completely innocent. You say he was an ISIS terrorist, but he worked for the Americans.”

* IS, ISIS, Islamic State is a terrorist organization whose activities are prohibited in Russia.

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