Nov 20, 2021
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US jury acquits teenager who killed two people

A jury acquitted an American teenager, Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot two people and wounded another during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2020. This is reported by Axios.

On August 25 last year, a young man shot the pogrom participants who attacked him with a rifle. At that time he was 17 years old. His victims were 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum and 26-year-old Anthony Haber. At the same time, 36-year-old Gaige Grosskreutz was wounded. The latter had a pistol with him during the attack. Rittenhouse fled the scene of the crime, but later surrendered to the police.

As a result, the jury found him not guilty and dropped all charges against him. This trial has become one of the most high-profile in the United States in recent years. It was broadcast live by central TV channels.

US President Joe Biden said he was angry and worried about the decision, but urged to respect it. In addition, he issued a statement to prevent riots in connection with the acquittal. Biden called on Americans to express their views peacefully in accordance with the law.

The head of the US White House stressed that his administration is in contact with the Wisconsin authorities and is ready to help them in the event of a riot.

Former US President Donald Trump supported the acquittal in the Rittenhouse case.

“By the way, if this is not considered self-defense, then nothing is it,” the politician said.

The Rittenhouse case has become symbolic for the United States. The teenager was supported by Republicans who defended the right to self-defense and gun ownership. In addition, they were critical of the riots that erupted after the assassination of African American George Floyd. US citizens who supported last year’s protests believe Rittenhouse is a terrorist and murderer of peaceful demonstrators.

Earlier it was reported that the personal physician of American leader Joe Biden, Kevin O’Connor, issued an opinion on the politician’s health.

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