Nov 19, 2021
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US intelligence services sabotage mandatory vaccinations

Florida remains the locomotive of resistance to compulsory vaccination in the United States

Thousands of US intelligence officers face dismissal due to refusal to vaccinate against COVID-19, reports Associated Press (AP), citing a report from House Intelligence Committee member Chris Stewart. According to the report, at least 20% of employees in several intelligence agencies had not been vaccinated by the end of October, and up to 40% in some structures of the intelligence community.

The US government has introduced mandatory vaccination of employees of institutions with a staff of 100 or more people until January 4, 2022. The US Republican National Committee has announced that it is filing a lawsuit to challenge the White House’s decision. “Resistance to mandatory vaccinations could leave key national security agencies without key personnel. Intelligence officers are particularly difficult to replace due to the highly specialized work they do and the difficulty of going through security clearance checks. “ – writes AP

Vaccination protests

The Biden administration provided the intelligence committee with information on each of the country’s 18 intelligence services, according to Congressman Stewart, noting in general that agencies more closely associated with the military tend to report lower vaccination rates. Several major intelligence agencies with serious military capabilities, including the NSA, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, declined to provide vaccination data when contacted by reporters AP… Avril Danica Haynes’s Office of Director of National Intelligence has rejected the AP’s request and did not say what contingency plans are in place should thousands of officers be fired from their jobs due to refusal to vaccinate.

America’s police officers, like intelligence officers, are not eager to get vaccinated. “New York City’s largest police union in late October went to court to allow unvaccinated police officers to continue their work despite the city’s recent mandatory vaccination for all municipal employees.”, – writes New York TimesPolice unions across the country, from Chicago to Washington State, are calling on their members to resist forced vaccinations, – the publication reports.

The New York City Police Union’s lawsuit was filed the day a large crowd of people, including firefighters, police officers and sanitary workers, marched against the mandatory vaccination. As they walked across the Brooklyn Bridge towards City Hall, demonstrators carried American flags and chanted, “We will not obey!”

Ron Desantis

Ron Desantis

Florida Gov. Republican Ron Desantis has said he will recruit police officers laid off in other states for refusing to vaccinate against COVID-19. He promised “Sign legislation providing a $ 5,000 bonus to any law enforcement officer who moves to Florida.”… The governor considers the authorities’ requirement for compulsory (mandatory) vaccination not only unconstitutional, but also economically destructive.

Obviously, the Florida police will soon be replenished with hundreds of new employees, as authorities in several other states have already begun to fire police officers who do not want to be vaccinated. In Chicago, Illinois, two dozen police officers were sent on unpaid leave for refusing to provide information on whether they were vaccinated against COVID-19. In Massachusetts, several dozen traffic police officers said they intend to quit due to coercion to vaccinate. In Washington state, about two thousand civil servants faced the prospect of being fired for the same reason.

Los Angeles Police Department officials have filed a lawsuit over the city’s mandatory vaccinations, arguing that the city and police have created a “hostile work environment” for the unvaccinated, and the mandatory vaccination violates the privacy and civil rights of employees. “Law enforcement officials are often not vaccinated on principle”, – comments The keeper

It is not only law enforcement officials who oppose compulsory vaccination. In late September, a group of New York City public school teachers petitioned the US Supreme Court to block the city’s mandate to vaccinate teachers, arguing that the government’s mandate to vaccinate violates teachers’ rights.

Florida remains the locomotive of resistance to mandatory vaccinations. On November 18, Gov. Ron Desantis signed four Special Session Bills that require private employers to allow exemption from vaccinations on grounds such as health problems or religious beliefs; pregnancy or anticipated future pregnancy; recovery from COVID-19 disease. One of the new laws prohibits schools from requiring students to be vaccinated and provides measures for Florida to be removed from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Cover photo: REUTERS / Eduardo Munoz

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