May 9, 2021
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US intelligence agencies fell for a childish trick

The intelligence services of Great Britain and the United States fell for a childish trick, one of the Telegram channels noted. Earlier, they published a joint report on the specifics of the activities of some hacker groups that are allegedly associated with Russia. However, Washington and London did not take into account one important point.

British and American intelligence agencies have released a joint report on the specifics of the activities of some hacker groups, the Rastroelny Telegram channel drew attention.

It, in particular, talks about the work of such structures as APT29, Cozy Bear and The Dukes. London and Washington believe that these organizations allegedly act in conjunction with the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.

However, American specialists from the FireEye corporation emphasized three years ago that, for example, the DPRK hackers working on APT38 deliberately embedded “lines of code poorly translated into Russian” into digital viruses.

This was done on purpose – in order to cover their tracks. However, US and UK intelligence officials seem to have ignored this expert comment.

“It seems that the special services fall for such childish tricks,” the author of the channel noted.

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