Jun 16, 2022
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US in Ukraine predicted a second Vietnam

In the photo: US Army soldiers take part in patrolling territories in the north-east of Hungary, bordering the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine

In the photo: US Army personnel take part in patrolling the territories in the north-east of Hungary, bordering the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine (Photo: MTVA – Media Service Support and Asset Management Fund / TASS)

The defeat of the US and the West in Ukraine will be more serious than in Vietnam or Afghanistan, says the head of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party (PiS), the country’s deputy prime minister for security issues Yaroslav Kachinsky.

“Please note that the defeat of the West, primarily America, in Ukraine will be something more serious than Vietnam, not to mention Afghanistan,” he said in an interview with Gazeta Polska, noting that armed confrontation “always brings an element of surprise.”

How to understand this demarche of one of the main Russophobes of Europe? Tries to hook the USA? But why?

At the same time, Kaczynski is not in favor of peace at all. In his opinion, the West should not get hung up on avoiding a military solution to the conflict, since this leads to the fact that “we become in some sense weaker” in comparison with the more uncompromisingly opposing side.

Whatever he means, he is right on all counts.

Firstly, the defeat of Ukraine (and, consequently, the defeat of the United States) is already obvious, this is recognized by many in the West, as well as the fact that it will be a personal defeat Joseph Bidenespecially if Russia manages to achieve all the goals by the fall, when the US midterm elections to the Congress are to be held, which the Democrats are highly likely to lose.

The comparison with Afghanistan is all the more relevant because the withdrawal of US troops from this country, or rather, the stampede a year ago, is also perceived in the West as a personal failure of Biden. Before the eyes of many, there are still pictures of people clinging to the landing gear of an American aircraft in the only hope of escaping. Characteristically, many politicians after that predicted that the retreat of the Americans from the territory of Ukraine would look much the same.

Kaczynski also clearly imagines this picture and tries to act in advance in the role of a person who “because he warned”?

– Kaczynski, it seems to me, is a deeply mentally ill person, – I am sure editor of “APN North-West” Andrey Dmitriev.

— And not just one, but the whole Law and Justice party. These people are adherents of the so-called “Katyn religion”, which says that we, Russians, by our national character hate the Poles, therefore they killed their military in 1943, and also deliberately provoked a plane crash on the liner of brother Yaroslav.

Kaczynski, like the incumbent president Andrzej Dudaenemies of Poland. What would a reasonable, nationally minded political leader of this country do? He would agree with the Kremlin that Kharkiv, Odessa and Crimea are Russians, and Lvov is Polish. The Kyiv regime would not have withstood an offensive from two sides for sure. And I want to remind you that the idea of ​​dividing Ukraine Eduard Limonov predicted a long time ago. But there was no approval from above either in Moscow or in Warsaw.

And so the idea of ​​returning the “Eastern Kres” and friendship with the Russian Federation as opposed to NATO and the West is very popular among the Poles. It just does not find its expression at the official level, such views are trampled down and persecuted.

The current statements of Kaczynski are explained simply – he wants money and weapons from the owners, therefore he is pumping up horror about the power of the Russians.

“SP”: But is he saying the right things?

– I believe that you should not throw caps into the air and fall into “victory frenzy.” The collective West we are fighting today is a very serious adversary. And if we talk about the operations of the same Americans, then I want to remind you that in Korea in the fall of 1950 they controlled 90% of the territory of the North.

There, however, Chinese people’s volunteers and Soviet pilots came to the rescue, which helped turn the tide of the war. In any case, let’s wish the Yankees a hundred Koreans and a thousand Vietnamese.

“For America as a nation state, Russia’s victory in Ukraine is not critical,” I am convinced. American political scientist Vladimir Mozhegov.

– But as for the center of world globalism – it is critical. And critical for the Poles. That is why Kaczynski appeals to Biden so that he would in no case go to negotiations and stop supporting Ukraine.

“SP”: But can it be compared with Vietnam and Afghanistan?

– Completely. This conflict for the United States is similar to Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Only that the Americans themselves do not fight. For them, this is a proxy battle, but in the 21st century, this is completely normal. And the attitude towards this defeat in the United States will be exactly the same.

If we imagine that conservatives – Republicans will come to power, this defeat will not be critical. America, having become a nation-state, of course, will lose some of its influence, but a nation-state does not need such influence – such an America has enough influence in its hemisphere, and, in fact, it has nothing to do in Eurasia. But if the agents of world globalism, the Democrats, remain in power, then America will face chaos and, possibly, collapse. And Ukraine has nothing to do with it.

– Kaczynski’s demarche – a complete analogy of a similar technology / provocation Zelenskythinks Director of the EAEU Institute Vladimir Lepekhin.

– Both American “mongrels” undertook to blackmail the States and their European patrons with threats that the Russians were about to crack down on Ukraine and then, they say, they would take care of Europe. So nobody believes in anything. This is just blackmailing the Americans and their colleagues so that they harness themselves to the fight against Russia even harder and give Ukraine and Poland more new weapons and other things.

“SP”: Is a Russian victory a US defeat? What exactly can be considered as such?

“The States won’t lose either way because they don’t officially fight Russia. Moreover, when Russia begins to crack down on the Ukrainian regime, the US may change its position and even support Russia. As it has happened many times in history.

“SP”: – Speaking of history. Is it correct for the United States to compare Ukraine with Vietnam and Afghanistan?

Tens of thousands of Americans died in Vietnam, and a powerful movement against the war arose in the country itself. And today, not a single American has officially died in Ukraine, and most ordinary Yankees do not even know where Ukraine is, and even more so, they do not care what is happening there today.

“SP”: – Kaczynski believes that the West should not get hung up on avoiding a military solution to the conflict, since this leads to the fact that “we become in some sense weaker” in comparison with the more uncompromisingly opposing side. What does he offer? Continue the suicidal confrontation with Russia?

Poland is interested in Ukraine fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian. This is a balm for the soul of every Polish Nazi. So why not blackmail everyone – both Ukrainians and those who should pump them up with weapons and money to the delight of Polish Russophobes?

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