Feb 12, 2021
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US imposed sanctions on Myanmar

The United States imposed sanctions on eight individuals and three legal entities amid the situation in Myanmar. The list of those included in the sanctions list is published on the website of the Ministry of Finance.

It is known that the restrictions affected eight people, among them the military leadership of the republic. In addition, there are three jewelry companies on the list.

Earlier, the head of the American state Joe Biden signed a decree providing for the introduction of targeted sanctions against participants in the military coup in Myanmar. The US authorities have warned that the military leaders’ accounts will be blocked.

In another document, the President of the country blocked the property and property interests of Myanmar in the United States. It was reported that the restrictions apply to those responsible for “undermining democratic processes and institutions, violation of human rights.”

Prior to that, London supported Washington’s decision to impose sanctions against the organizers of the coup in Myanmar.

Recall, on February 1, the leader of Myanmar, Vin Myin, and members of the ruling party were detained by unknown persons, and later they were charged. The military declared a state of emergency in the country for a period of one year and announced the creation of a new authority – the State Administrative Council.

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