Sep 14, 2021
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US General predicted the devastating consequences of the war with Russia

American General John Hayten predicted the outcome of the US war with Russia. According to him, it will be “a terrible day for the planet” that will “destroy the world.” Therefore, the goal of the United States is to prevent such a war with either Russia or China.

Despite the bellicose statements that sometimes sound from the United States to Moscow, American generals are aware that a war with Russia could turn out to be a disaster not only for Washington, but for the whole world.

For example, General John Hayten, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, during his speech at a videoconference organized by the Brookings Institution in Washington, directly warned that the United States should set itself the goal of never waging a war with Russia. It will be bad for everyone.

“Because this day will be a terrible day for the planet, a terrible day for our countries,” General Hayten announced his disappointing forecast. “It will destroy the world. It will destroy the world economy.”

He explained that the war in this case will turn into a nuclear confrontation between the two powers, recalling that Washington is negotiating with Moscow on issues of strategic stability. And not only in the field of nuclear weapons, but also in space.

“No matter how different we are, we have a fundamental common goal,” the general said. “It’s never to fight each other, because a war with a nuclear power is bad.”

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