Jan 29, 2021
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US GDP in 2020 fell by 3.5%

US GDP in 2020 fell by 3.5%, which was the worst indicator since World War II, TASS reports, citing a statement from the US Department of Commerce.

For the first time since the global financial crisis of 2008, the country’s economy has experienced such a significant decline. Then the GDP fell by 2.5%.

Earlier told what losses due to the pandemic the economies of other countries bear.

Lockdown costs England £ 900 million a day ($ 1.2 billion). This is, however, less than in the spring quarantine, when the daily losses to the British economy were 2.4 billion pounds sterling (3.2 billion dollars).

During the spring lockdown, the French economy contracted by 30%. Now, as the Minister of Finance Bruno Le Maire predicts, the decline in GDP will be half as much: 15%.

Germany has lost more than 212 billion euros due to the pandemic, and this figure will grow, experts from the German Institute for Economic Research expect. According to economists, Germany will lose 1% of GDP, 50 thousand jobs and 19 billion euros due to re-quarantine.

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