Nov 25, 2021
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US dropped a nuclear bomb on Russia – while training

US dropped a nuclear bomb on Russia - while training

Photo: Zuma / TASS

During the November exercises of the strategic forces Global Thunder, US aviation was practicing the option of using nuclear weapons against Russia from the western and eastern directions at the same time. Ten American bombers operated just 20 kilometers from the Russian border. In this regard, the head of the Ministry of Defense Sergei Shoigu said that in the current conditions, the development of interaction between Russia and the Celestial Empire is especially important. And this was said during negotiations with the Minister of Defense of the People’s Republic of China. Wei Fenghe

The Russian minister also complained that the Americans completely got out of their hands: over the past month, the US Air Force made about 30 flights to the borders of the Russian Federation. This is 2.5 times more than in the corresponding period last year.

So what happens, the Americans are forcing Russia to seek support from its neighbors? Or is it banal to use budget money allocated for military spending, trying to do it with maximum efficiency, so that taxpayers do not arise? Or are they seriously preparing for a war with Russia?

Military expert, Doctor of Military Sciences Konstantin Sivkov I am convinced that Americans are preparing to support their Ukrainian friends:

– They are preparing for a war in Ukraine. If things start to unfold in their worst-case scenario, if the campaign fails completely, they can intervene. But they can go to this only as a last resort.

Military expert Alexander Artamonov believes that the Americans, conducting provocative exercises near the Russian borders, on the one hand, are realizing dreams of their own greatness, and on the other hand, they are developing an image of “tough guys.”

– Starting from 1945, resolution 329, plans of operations “Fleetwood”, and then “Dropshot” (more than 300 atomic bombs were supposed to fall on Soviet cities and factories), the United States constantly fantasizes dirty about nuclear armageddon in our country. 10 American bombers on our eastern borders conducting a simulated missile launch is, of course, unpleasant. But in reality, such actions of the enemy are only an incentive for Russia. First, as a result, our country has learned to keep its army in a state of combat readiness. And this is really a positive factor. Secondly, the threat from the United States forced us to cooperate more closely with the PRC, creating an ever stronger Eurasian Union. The military threat posed by the United States is largely ostentatious. Washington is well aware of what it risks to fly at least one missile towards the Russian coastline. And he will never dare to take this step.

Military expert Alexey Leonkov I am inclined to believe that the Global Thunder exercises were conducted primarily for the sake of working out interaction within the framework of the new military doctrine, which includes “multi-domain confrontation.”

– Multi-domain confrontation is, in the understanding of the American military, the simultaneous waging of war in different domains: on land, at sea, in the air, in space, even in cyberspace. To do this, they face the following tasks: overcoming enemy defense systems, constant interaction between domains, despite the fact that they will retain complete freedom of action, demonstrating the ability to flexibly transform military capabilities and to constant maneuver. This is not just about the well-coordinated coordination of the actions of the ground forces, aviation, navy and other armed forces, but about the fact that, if necessary, the ground forces will be able to use the capabilities of the fleet, aviation – the capabilities of the ground forces, and so on.

Bombers cannot operate independently. Therefore, you first need to suppress the echeloned defense. For example, to launch drones in the first wave, so that the air defense system wasted forces on them, and the second wave will strike: bombers B-2, B-21 will be able to enter the operational space. And on this level of interaction we still need to work and work.

In addition, during these exercises, the Americans also launched reconnaissance aircraft. True, they managed to collect little information. The United States is deliberately moving its forces to our borders, their provocations are becoming more sophisticated and difficult. They hope that we will nevertheless react, and they will finally receive invaluable information that can then be used.

– The US tactics is to intimidate potential adversaries, including the possibility of a nuclear strike, – the expert reminds Mikhail Alexandrov

– Remember the SDI program: the Americans then demonstrated that they successfully knock down our missiles, and then they themselves will strike. Gorbachev got scared and actually capitulated, immediately showed that he was ready for anything. Now they are trying to do the same. Why does our leadership follow their lead by making such statements? The motivation is not clear. Do they, like Gorbachev, want to surrender to the mercy of the winner? Or is it to mobilize the population in the face of the threat? But in this case, we need to show that we are ready to repel aggression, strike back, and so on. Instead of acting like helpless kittens. Moreover, our military aircraft also fly near their borders and practice strikes.

Or is Shoigu trying to shame the Americans in this way? But this is just ridiculous, they have no shame or conscience.

“SP”: – Maybe Shoigu’s statement was addressed not to the United States, but to China, in order to encourage the Celestial Empire to closer cooperation in the military sphere?

– So China has been agreeing to this for a long time. To persuade Chinese partners, referring to American exercises, is strange, it puts Russia in an unfavorable light. Beijing is fully aware that it is possible to resist the imperial manners of the United States only together with Moscow. Moreover, recently in one of the Chinese newspapers I came across an article in which it was said that, in the event of our military conflict with the United States, China is ready to send troops to help Russia. You understand that Chinese newspapers cannot publish such articles without instructions from above.

The expert also recalled that the USSR, of which Russia is the legal successor, has repeatedly helped China to fight the external threat. We helped and Chiang Kai-shek, and Mao Zedong… So we have the right to count on their help.

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