Oct 8, 2021
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US diplomats accused of theft: the Russian Foreign Ministry delivered an ultimatum to the American embassy

Three employees of the US diplomatic mission are suspected of stealing things from a Russian citizen. The Foreign Ministry demanded the lifting of diplomatic immunity from them. If refused, they face expulsion from the country.

The Russian Foreign Ministry demanded that the US Embassy remove diplomatic immunity from three diplomatic mission employees suspected of stealing things from a Russian citizen. We’re talking about Marines between the ages of 21 and 26.

The incident with the theft took place in the Moscow institution “Rock and Roll”. A backpack was stolen from a child psychologist, the cost of which he estimated at 15 thousand rubles. At the same time, suspicion fell on three American Marines occupying administrative and technical positions in the embassy, ​​presumably in the protection.

The investigation has at its disposal a video recording from a surveillance camera. It shows Marine diplomats entering the US Embassy with a stolen backpack. Judging by the footage, all three were drunk as hell.

A note was sent to the US Embassy with a request to lift diplomatic immunity in order to prosecute three employees of the American diplomatic mission in connection with their identification as suspects in theft of personal belongings.

– said the Russian Foreign Ministry.

It is added that in case of refusal to lift immunity, these persons must immediately leave the territory of Russia. They will be declared persona non grata.

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