Jun 30, 2021
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US destroyer on the way to Crimea: Americans had to divert suspicions through photos

The Americans had to take stills from CCTV cameras in the port of Odessa and post photos on Twitter to deflect suspicions from their destroyer Ross after its provocative route towards Crimea appeared in the Marine Traffic tracker.

Earlier in social networks, with reference to the Marine Traffic tracker, there were reports that “the American missile destroyer Ross is approaching the Crimea at a speed of 23 knots at this moment.” Aleksandr Kots, a war correspondent for Komsomolskaya Pravda, drew attention to this, in particular, by publishing a screenshot from the tracker.

Later, the journalist posted another screenshot from the same tracker, pointing to the trajectory of the US destroyer: allegedly, at first, it boldly walked to the Crimean coast, and then turned sharply to the side.

However, the webcam in the port of Odessa, Kots noted, gave a different image – it showed that Ross was there.

“Someone faked his AIS in the Marine Traffic tracker?” – suggested the military commander.

The Americans themselves had to divert suspicion from themselves. In the official Twitter of the Sea Breeze – 2021 military exercises, two freeze frames from webcams were published, judging by which the destroyer was in the port of Odessa.

An interesting point: usually the US military posts photos and videos of incidents on social networks, throwing unfounded accusations against Russian colleagues. However, this time, it seems, they decided to make an exception, thus deflecting suspicions about a night approach to Crimea.

“Despite recent reports, the US Navy USSRoss is in the port of Odessa to support the Sea Breeze exercise,” the message said.

Photo: screenshot

However, Internet users were clearly not satisfied with the picture from webcams and in their comments under the post generally advise the American destroyer to get out and leave Russia alone.

“Get out of there and leave Russia alone. Admit it, Ukraine is the backyard of Russia. Kiev will never take Crimea,” wrote Lord_Wagner @ Akhorus3 under a tweet, advising “to accept it.”

“Stop it. Right now. And go home,” recommends @ cryptoma10ne.

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