Dec 29, 2020
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US Department of Commerce imposed sanctions on 45 Russian companies

The US Department of Commerce has released a list of 103 companies from Russia and China, named “military end users.” This is reported on the official website of the department …

The US Department of Commerce clarified that these organizations are associated or cooperate with the armed forces and pose a threat to the country. These companies will be prohibited from purchasing various goods and technologies from the United States. American companies will be required to obtain special licenses to export products to those involved in this list.

The Ministry of Trade lists 58 Chinese and 45 Russian companies. In addition to enterprises, the list also mentions the Russian Ministry of Defense, the External Ridge Service, as well as the Federal State Budgetary Institution and the special flight unit “Russia” of the Presidential Administration.

Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov named the introduction of export restrictions by “destructive actions” of the United States, which “undermine not only the continuing economic interaction between our countries, but also block any positive prospects”

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