Sep 28, 2020
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US court blocks ban on downloading TikTok

A court in Washington temporarily blocked a White House order that prohibited downloading TikTok from app stores across the country. The document of the administration of President Donald Trump was supposed to come into force on September 27 at 23.59 local time.

Plaintiffs’ petition for an interim injunction … partially upheld on prohibited transactions (downloads – Approx., – quotes Judge Carl Nichols Axios Edition.

The US Department of Commerce has already reacted to the court’s ruling, saying the government will “fully comply with the temporary injunction.”

Previously, the department stated that from November 12, 2020, it will ban the use of TikTok in the country, if the company does not eliminate the problem related to the threat to national security by that time. The White House accused TikTok of the app being able to transfer data from Americans to the Chinese authorities.

Earlier reported that Donald Trump approved the sale of the TikTok social network segment to the American companies Oracle and Walmart on a number of conditions. According to him, the American side, if the transaction is approved, is ready to provide real access protection, serious data protection and data storage in a place that is not connected to the PRC information system.

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