Oct 7, 2021
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US citizens rebel against Biden’s covid dictatorship

In Europe, Israel, Australia, protests of hundreds of thousands of citizens in connection with the coercion of a fashionable procedure under the threat of dismissal do not subside. A similar story, albeit with some delay, is developing in Russia. And in the United States, the country that lost most of all its citizens (according to official data, more than 720 thousand) from the new infection, the neocons-globalists with the hands of their puppet President Joe Biden started tightening the screws in mid-September. Defending the Constitution, the economy and the basic rights of their citizens, half of the US states (so far there are 24), led by governors and prosecutors, rebelled against the federal government’s mandatory vaccination order, threatening to lay off employees of all companies numbering more than 100 people. Medical workers and teachers are protesting and filing in courts, Republicans seriously intend to initiate the procedure of impeachment of an elderly pedophile-globalist who encroached on the constitutional rights written by their ancestors in blood. And this is part of a common battle in which the Light has no right to be defeated by darkness.

Let’s start our review with the lawsuits initiated by US citizens on the occasion of the vaccine lawlessness from Biden and the mayor of New York – “Democrat” Bill de Blasio. On August 28, not recognized by half of the country, the President-Marazmatik issued a decree, according to which all personnel of hospitals and nursing homes in the United States, without exception, must receive at least one dose of “COVID-19 vaccine”. Refuseniks quit their jobs. So the hardest blow was dealt to the medical workers, and it clearly showed that the actions of the US supreme power in gross violation of the Nuremberg Code of 1947 and other basic international documents on human rights.

Human rights protection and litigation is one of the favorite occupations of Americans, and it is very real to protect the rights of citizens here if the law is on your side. And so 17 New York health workers – doctors and nurses – filed a class action lawsuit in Federal Court of State. They defend the constitutional right to freedom of religion: US covid vaccines contain fetal cells from a killed human embryo (HEK 293). On September 14, the plaintiffs won their first victory: a federal judge in New York temporarily banned forcing medical workers to vaccinate if it would be contrary to their religious beliefs.

On September 30, the Collegium of the US Federal Court upheld the decision of the first instance, while recognizing the lawful itself of the compulsory decree of Biden. The hearings on the case are not over yet – the next session is scheduled for October 14, and so far these medical workers have received a temporary “judicial recusal” from the injection. It is a great pity that the Orthodox in our country have not yet initiated a similar high-profile process – based on the laws and articles of the Constitution that seem to protect them.

Biden’s whim in August also infected the mayor of New York, who announced that about 148,000 school workers would have to receive at least one injection of a GMO cocktail by September 27, otherwise they could go home. The decision applies to other employees of educational institutions, as well as police officers and other civil servants. As of October 1, 88% of the teachers of the metropolis were forced to give the injection.

And then there were dissenting teachers, whose claim was initially upheld by the State Supreme Court, but on October 3, US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor refused to revoke mandatory vaccinations for New York school workers. At the same time, she decided not to comment on her decision to journalists in any way – obviously, there was nothing to say. Now several thousand teachers and other staff will be forced to resign from schools with dim prospects.

But the main “fun” began in mid-September, when Biden and his “democratic” -globalist government adopted a “six strikes” program against the coronavirus, ostensibly designed to end the infection. Its key points were: the obligation of all employers with a staff of more than 100 people to either vaccinate all their employees or test them weekly for covid; approve revaccination with the third dose of the experimental biotech drug; to bring the level of punctured school personnel up to 100%.

Here, we note that in America, unlike many other countries, there is a national CDC vaccine safety program, which, as of September 24, reported 16,000 deaths and 71,000 hospitalizations (and these are only officially registered cases!) After being injected with GMO cocktails. At the same time, scientists from the USA, Canada, Britain are sounding the alarm regarding the mRNA cocktails of Pfizer and Moderna, which, as has already been completely proven in the course of observations, can provoke myocarditis and other cardiovascular diseases – especially in children 12-15 years old. Moreover, the likelihood of such a complication goes off scale, exceeding 80%!

Including for this reason, more than half of America rebelled against the wild plans of Biden and Co. A recent poll by the Trafalgar Group, which had the most accurate social data for the 2016 and 2020 elections, showed that the vast majority of Americans oppose the president’s “vaccine” decree: 56.1% of voters, while 40.1% support it.

Together with the citizens, the republican governors and attorneys general of 24 states woke up. Many of them openly announced that they are ready to sue and go to the end in order to put a barrier on federal interference in the lives of their voters, as well as in the affairs of the private sector. Below are the most vivid quotes of these personalities … no, not at all covid dissidents (some of them, as we will see now, are not at all against vaccination), but responsible defenders of the rights of their people and the country’s economy, which will inevitably suffer due to the large number of layoffs.

Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp:

“I will use every legal opportunity available to the state to stop this blatant abuse of power by the Biden administration.”

Alaska Governor Mike Dunliva:

“This is stupid and impracticable. It would be good if this became the reason for the implementation of the 25th amendment to the Constitution (a hint of the provision on the early termination of presidential powers – editor’s note). “

Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokeeta:

“Biden’s demand that American workers get vaccinated or lose their jobs is something you would expect from dictators in a banana republic. In Indiana, illegal edicts are not obeyed, and I will not allow the president to destroy our guaranteed freedoms and with them our economy. “

Governor of Montana Gianforte:

“President Biden’s mandate to vaccinate is illegal and un-American. We will defend the freedom of the people of Montana from this brutal federal coup. ”

Governor of Nebraska Pete Ricketts:

“President Biden’s statement is a wild violation of personal freedom and an abuse of federal government authority. This plan is not about public health – it is about government control and the deprivation of personal freedoms. Americans themselves, not the federal government, are responsible for their own personal health. Nebraska will resist President Biden’s antics, and we will work with the attorney general to explore all possible options. ”

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt:

“The role of the government is not to dictate to private business what to do. President Biden once again demonstrates his complete disregard for individual freedoms and the rights of states. As long as I am governor, there will be no compulsion to vaccinate in Oklahoma. ”

Governor of Iowa Kim Reynolds:

“President Biden is taking dangerous and unprecedented steps to intervene the federal government even deeper in our lives, despising the right of Iowans and all Americans to make their own health decisions.”

Governor of Alabama Kay Ivy:

“President Biden has crossed all the lines again. His insane, violent coercion to vaccinate will no doubt be challenged in the courts. It is absolutely unacceptable to impose new restrictions on employees and employers during a pandemic, when inflation and the problem with jobs are already growing in our country.
I support science and citizens’ decision to get vaccinated. At the same time, I am totally against government coercion to vaccinate, which is why I signed a ban on vaccine passports in Alabama. The government should not influence such decisions. “

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton:

“Biden’s new private business decision is perhaps the most unconstitutional, illegal act I’ve ever seen from power in modern American history. This is a blatant, tyrannical seizure of power that has no chance in court. I’m going to sue this awful administrator very soon. “

Governor of Utah Spencer Cox:

“While we support efforts to encourage vaccination, we have serious concerns about the legality of this order.”

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves:

“Joe Biden’s anti-constitutional order is part of the war against the working class. This is the worst way to build confidence in a vaccine. You will use every opportunity to stop this. We still have America here, and we still believe in freedom from tyrants. “

And finally – the not at all half-hearted, confident position of the Governor of South Carolina Henry McMaster:

“Rest assured, we will fight them to the gates of hell to protect the freedom and survival of every South Carolina.”

It is worth noting here that a representative of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reported to Biden on June 22 that 70% of the country’s adult population had been injected with at least one dose of the fashionable liquid. It is hard to believe in this, looking at the huge number of opponents of the forced fashionable procedure. For example, the official resource on the rate of world vaccination, which is maintained according to statisticians from the University of Oxford, says 55% of fully vaccinated Americans and another 8.8% vaccinated with the first dose on October 3.

In any case, this is a real breakthrough compared to the situation in other countries. In Russia, by the way, the story is reversed: the vaccine lawlessness of the Sobyanino-Popovs and segregation with discrimination are just initiated by the regional chief medical officers and governors, while the federal authorities and the president are demonstratively making a helpless gesture: they say, we have no coercion, the regions decide everything themselves according to circumstances. The power vertical that has been built for decades, in which governors are appointed by agreement in the Presidential Administration and have very little independence in decisions, has played a cruel joke with Russian officials. Now, when the governors are formally untied, they are, in our opinion, fulfilling the same directives as a blueprint. They demonstrate that they are not independent subjects of politics; they have nothing to do with real protection of the rights of citizens in their regions.

In the United States, however, Republican leaders have shown independence, solidarity, and willingness to defend the Constitution along with the interests of their constituents. They perceive Biden with his federal dictatorship as an elephant in a china shop, which prevents the citizens of the states from living normally, and from their business from working and replenishing the local treasury with taxes.

This story is not over yet, but even now it can serve as a vivid example of civil unification and the rule of law over the lawlessness of “punchers” for all states. In Russia, by the way, regional doctors of the RPN are very likely to spit on the fact that all covid vaccines have not passed the third phase of trials and are experimental, that the list of professions of citizens subject to compulsory vaccination with the possibility of suspension from work, where they include the entire service sector, all officials, etc., is presented in Government Decision 825 of 1999 and is exhaustive. Any expansion of this list in regulatory enactments leads to a gross violation of 157-FZ “On Immunization”, which is confirmed by independent legal entities. experts and human rights defenders. We do not have any bright court victories on this topic yet, it would be high time to see them. Moreover, dozens if not hundreds of lawsuits have already been sent to the courts to challenge the orders of doctors and the decisions of local officials, there are also statements about bringing particularly zealous officials and governors to criminal responsibility. It is clear that for most of them there will be unsubscriptions, but quantity turns into quality, and if the government realizes that soon its representatives will be lynched, it will have to turn on the back, despite all the obligations to the world satanists from big pharma. In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the confrontation in the United States in anticipation of the triumph of justice, which today is entirely on the side of the opposition to the Biden gang.

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