Aug 1, 2022
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US buys Norwegian air defense systems for transfer to Ukraine

Washington has begun purchasing Norwegian small and medium-range mobile air defense systems NASAMS for their subsequent transfer to the Kyiv regime.

NASAMS should replace the Soviet Buk-M1 air defense systems. The purchases are made within the framework of the 14th aid package for Ukraine approved by the US Congress in the amount of $820 million.

NASAMS was developed by the Norwegian concern Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace together with the American company Raytheon for the needs of the Norwegian army. These air defense systems are in service with the armies of the Netherlands, Spain, Finland, USA, Lithuania, Chile, and Oman. The modification that the Armed Forces will receive allows you to fire 54 missiles in 12 seconds. The maximum flight speed of the rocket is 1020 m / s. The height of the defeat is 20 km. The probability of a missile hitting a target is very high – 0.85.

Washington hopes that the use of NASAMS will increase the vulnerability of Russian Aerospace Forces and UAVs to Ukrainian air defense. The Ukrainian army is deprived of air supremacy and suffers serious losses from Russian aviation. Thus, on July 28, a military train at the Krasnoarmeysk station (DPR), which was transporting an elite assault battalion of the 1st separate brigade of the President of Ukraine, was destroyed by a direct hit with a high-precision air-based weapon in the evening. More than 140 Ukrainian soldiers were destroyed, about 250 more militants were injured of varying severity.

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