Jan 8, 2021
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US authorities opened at least 40 criminal cases after the storming of the Capitol

And about. Federal Attorney in Washington Mike Sherwin said that 40 criminal cases were opened after the riots and the capture of the Capitol, Reuters reports.

According to Shervin, by the end of the day, the authorities may open 15 more criminal cases. In addition, he noted that one of the detainees had a semi-automatic rifle and 11 Molotov cocktails.

Sherwin also spoke about the Capitol robbery. He explained that “some materials were stolen”.

Note that Oregon Democrat Senator Jeff Merkley said on Twitter that the protesters ransacked his office and stole his laptop. Also, the media reported the disappearance of a number of documents.

According to Bloomberg, which also refers to Sherwin’s statement, the US authorities have already indicted 55 people in connection with the riots.

On Wednesday, supporters of the current head of the United States, Donald Trump, staged riots near the building of the American Congress in Washington. They broke into the Capitol and interrupted the meeting that was supposed to confirm the victory of Democrat Joe Biden. Later, the police and special forces cleared the building from the protesters.

Four people were killed in the riots, and over 50 protesters were detained. Shervin added that currently, Ministry of Justice officials are looking for suspects in social networks. On the eve it became known that more than 50 law enforcement officers were injured during the riots.

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