Jan 27, 2021
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US authorities may reconsider troop reductions in Afghanistan and Iraq

The US authorities may reconsider the decision to reduce the number of US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, writes The Wall Street Journal.

According to sources in the US Department of Defense, the decision of former President Donald Trump to reduce the American military contingent puts the administration of the current American leader Joseph Biden before the need to “assess the strategic role of the United States in two conflicts

It is noted that the Biden administration “expects to better understand the current state of affairs regarding operations in both countries.”

Earlier it was reported that the United States reduced the military contingent in Afghanistan and Iraq to 2.5 thousand people in each country.

As noted by the former acting. Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller, this reduction was carried out by order of President Donald Trump.

We will remind, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed the opinion that the presence of the American military in Afghanistan is beneficial to common security.

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