Oct 9, 2021
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US attorney general’s family profits from the introduction of racial theories in schools

The US Department of Justice wants to equate anti-indoctrination parents in schools with domestic terrorists, as Attorney General Merrick Garland’s family makes money selling material on critical racial theory, Fox News reports. As TV presenter Tucker Carlson notes, the US authorities trample on the rights and freedoms of their citizens, and the liberal media are silent about this.

Did (TV presenter. – InoTV) Does Nicole Wallace or anyone else on MSNBC have a word about how the federal government spies on people’s Google searches? But this is happening! Federal authorities recently accidentally declassified court documents showing that the Justice Department, under Joe Biden, obtained highly personal information about any American who typed certain keywords on Google.

For example, a judge in Minnesota recently sanctioned a secret order requiring Google to provide tracking data, citing, “any user in Idina, Minnesota who asks for the name of a scam victim“. Wow! Will it be far-fetched to conclude that these measures can be applied to ideological crimes of which the Biden administration is concerned? No, this is not far-fetched. In fact, everything is so.

And no one on television even mentions it. Because they believe you deserve it. Because they don’t think you have civil liberties. Because they do not believe in God, therefore, they do not believe that these rights are given to you by God. They believe that the state gave you these rights and can take them away because you misbehaved. And these people applaud when your rights are taken away.

Google collects a huge amount of data to track its users – including their names, addresses, history of visits to Internet sites. Decades ago! So it would seem that many on the left should be concerned about this story. About 20 years ago, they would have been worried! The American Civil Liberties Union would scream it! Further proof that the state has too much power to spy on American citizens and is abusing that power to spy on innocent Americans.

But none of the so-called national security experts on MSNBC or CNN will even mention it! Why? Because their job is not to defend you or civil liberties, but to defend the ruling party.

Maybe that’s why they don’t tell you anything about Attorney General Merrick Garland’s personal interest in persecuting people challenging the madness we see on school committees across the country. It turns out that Merrick Garland’s daughter is married to one of the founders of Panorama Education, an educational services company. You will not be surprised to learn that this company provides critical racial theory materials to school districts. Including materials on eradication, I quote, “unconscious bias and systemic racism in schools“.

Wow! That is, what parents complain about is a source of enrichment for the family of Merrick Garland! Two days ago, Merrick Garland declared it a crime to complain about the ideology that his family profited from. Is there any logic in this?

You should know that this particular company received a lot of money from the Mark Zuckerberg Foundation. Fairfax County Public Schools has just awarded Panorama Education a $ 1.8 million contract to provide multi-year social and emotional screening of students. This gives them the right to collect, I quote, “district student psychometrics“. Did you know that they collect psychometrics from your children? And what is psychometrics in general? Nonsense! In particular, it contains questions about whether schoolchildren feel like “sad” or “gender fluid“. And all this enriches the family of Merrick Garland!

This is creepy. And maybe it’s also illegal. According to the Ministry of Justice’s own policy on conflicts of interest, this is a serious ethical issue. Who would have doubted! Justice Ministry rules require employees to seek official instructions before, I quote, “engage in any matter in which his or her impartiality may be questioned“. Wow! This includes situations in which the case may, I quote, “influence the financial interests of a relative who has a close relationship with an employee of the Ministry of Justice“. Your daughter, Merrick Garland, probably fits that definition! Did you do that?

You can be sure that no one in the Ministry of Justice’s department for national security is clarifying this issue today. Instead, they promise to pursue, declare “domestic terrorists“People like Elaine Fishbein. Elaina Fishbein is a mother who opposed indoctrination at her children’s school in suburban Philadelphia. She has previously performed in our program, and we are glad to see her again.

Air date Oct 06, 2021.

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