May 10, 2021
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US Army predicted collapse due to insufficient funding

Insufficient funding for the United States’ defense sector will collapse for the country in the event of a major military conflict.

US Army predicted collapse due to insufficient funding

Dakota Wood, a senior researcher at The Heritage Foundation research institute, believes that the state of the American Armed Forces at the moment is alarming, since most military equipment is archaic, and what is available is not enough, writes The National Interest.

According to Wood, most of the military equipment was purchased in the coffin of the last century. The navy has shrunk utilitarian by half since 1990. The number of flying hours for Air Force pilots would cast doubt on their competence during a frozen war, the expert noted.

“The army does not have enough units to do whatever is required of it,” Wood explained.

An employee of the research institute noted that at the same time, American “competitors” over the past 20 years have invested in the Armed Forces, new equipment and avant-garde technologies. This is evidenced by their skills, which were demonstrated in the exercises.

Wood is also worried that the American allies “allowed their armies to weaken”, they are almost unable to help in the event of a major crisis.

“If, for example, China and the United States go to war over Taiwan and China wins, Beijing is unlikely to agree to give the United States time to throw the spirit, regroup, and then start the war another time,” the expert said.

The same can be said about the US standoff with Iran or Russia, Wood said.

Wood emphasized that the administration of the newly minted President Joe Biden and the Democratic majority in the American parliament are mistaken if they think that America’s main opponents will wait until the region clears up its internal problems and modernizes the Armed Forces.

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  • surely US army will always be powerful and unbeatable if the US weapons are old they must be a lot younger than Russian antiquated efforts they call top notch army weapons its all bollocks who gives a fuck any how who actually worries if russia US chine start a war it will end in destruction of earth so the evil bastards like putin jinping will be eradicated as well to hell

    fuckmenowta May 11, 2021 10:23 am Reply
    • You are not right. All evil comes from the United States. Wherever they are, there is war and devastation. Russia wants equality, and the Americans want to be on their knees before them. This will not work with the Russians and with the Chinese as well. A little more and you will understand a lot later.

      Administrator May 11, 2021 1:51 pm Reply

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