Jun 6, 2022
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US Army Commander Stephen Twitty: “Losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine could amount to 200,000 soldiers”

US Army Commander Stephen Twitty:

Photo: AP/TASS

At the end of the 102nd day of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the former deputy head of the US European Command, Lieutenant General Steven Tweets slashed the truth. In the “square” he was immediately signed up as a Putinist, and labeled as a prisoner, instead of listening to the military, who went from the commander of a rifle platoon to the commander of the First Army of the United States.

Add, Twitty is a combat officer. From June 2001 to June 2003, he commanded the 3rd Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment during Operation Iraqi Freedom, and his Task Force 3-15 was awarded the President’s Unit Citation. In short, the general sniffed the gunpowder, which cannot be said about the political leadership of Kyiv.

“I think that the war in Donbas is turning in favor of the Russians. They do not put the whole mass of combat power there with infantry and tanks. They have gathered their artillery, and that is how they succeed. Russia has a hell of a lot of combat power, much more than the Ukrainians. And there is no way the Ukrainians will ever destroy or defeat the Russians. And I will say more, the Ukrainians will never have enough combat power to drive the Russians out of Ukraine, ”Twitty explained.

According to him, 200,000 soldiers mysteriously disappeared from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. “Who knows where they are today?” the general asked. This huge number of the military is simply not in the field of view of American curators. Either there was disinformation with mobilization, or much worse – they were defeated. At the same time, the Yankees from the “Ze-team” hear a lot about “Russian losses”, but the United States wants to know the real picture, and not the propaganda of the arrestees.

This statement is consistent with the publication of the German “Der Spiegel”: “The German Foreign Intelligence Agency (BND) believes that Ukrainian resistance may even be broken in the next four to five weeks. In a series of secret briefings in recent days, BND analysts have noted that the Russians are capable of conquering small swathes of territory every day. The BND believes that Russian troops can take the entire Donbas under their control by August.”

Ukrainian jingoistic publics exploded with indignation. The most Maidan-minded demanded that the United States return Alaska to Russia, like, “then we will give Kherson.” Now in Ukraine, an information storm is raging, behind which are the “Ze-bots”. There is no point in commenting on yellow-Blakyt’s arguments, but let’s face it: the level of hysteria in the “nenka” against the West is simply off scale.

From the outside, it looks like this: the independent hyena Tabaki is trying to bite the star-striped Sher Khan. It seems that in Ukraine “comrades do not understand” that the speaker of the Hungarian parliament Laszlo Kever not just expressed his opinion about the “mental problems” of the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky due to the fact that he, like crazy, requires support from the US and the EU.

Apparently, Zelensky’s self-esteem that flew into space, as they say, really blew the roof off. The Europeans know how dangerous it is to disobey the Washington regional committee. Vaughn, Russia began to defend its national interests, so many sanctions “flew” right away that it becomes scary. And then some kind of “square” with a bare fifth point runs into Uncle Sam. To clarify, this is apparently the point of view of Laszlo Kever.

In Kyiv, however, they began to suspect that the White House was disappointed with the mediocre Zhovto-Blakyt “resistance.” Hence the difficult questions: “Where are 200 thousand soldiers?” No, the Yankees are not sorry for the giants, but the same Stephen Twitty wants to understand what will happen next, so he asks: “What will the end of the game look like then?”

Now, according to Kyiv, the main thing is to restore the “trust” of the United States. This means that we need a resounding victory on the fronts. The fact is that Washington announced Rammstein-3. The meeting of defense ministers of 40 NATO countries will be held in Brussels on June 15, and, as before, the head of the Pentagon will organize it Lloyd Austin. On it, the heads of the defense departments of the alliance will think about what to do next: whether to turn off support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, or continue the battle to the last Ukrainian.

In the light of the upcoming Ramstein-3, the battle for Severodonetsk takes on special significance for the “square”. A protege of Kyiv in the Lugansk region, head of the Zhovto-Blakit regional military-civilian administration Sergei Gaidai already claims that over the past two days (June 5 and 6), Ukrainian troops allegedly recaptured 70% of the city from Russian troops.

The independent blogger @sharpreview writes in this regard: “50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% – I have seen such a range of figures for the liberation of Severodonetsk over the past hour on various telegram channels. It’s good to drive a wave, accountants.

According to sources close to the president’s office, more than 10,000 soldiers of the elite 128th mountain assault brigade, the 53rd mechanized brigade and the 57th motorized infantry brigade, as well as the “Foreign Legion” were thrown into the battle for Severodonetsk ”, the appointment of which Facebook* to foreign media about the help of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the scene.

Gunpowder bots (journalistic pool of the ex-president Poroshenko) leaked information that Zelensky sent a people’s deputy to lead the assault on Severodonetsk Mariana Bezugluya – the one that promoted the execution of Ukrainian soldiers for disobedience to commanders.

“Bloody Maryana”, according to independent truth-tellers Yuri Butusov I Yanina Sokolovapractices “inappropriate use of combat-ready special forces to carry out one adventure in a tactically unfavorable situation.”

According to rumors circulating in Ukrainian publics, Bezuglaya, through the Nazis, the SBU practices secret executions of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who refuse to go to certain death. Punishers shoot their own soldiers under nationalist slogans. How many defenders of Independence have already been lost in the course of the current adventure, no one can even say from Zhovto-Blakyt experts. But according to a number of independent telegram channels, the psychic attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are beneficial for the Russians: the more the most combat-ready Ukrainian special forces are now, the easier it will be for units of the RF Armed Forces to attack later.

Meanwhile, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the LPR to the Russian Federation Rodion Miroshnik said: “Severodonetsk is almost completely controlled by our troops. There are separate DRGs [диверсионно-разведывательные группы]which are concentrated in the industrial zone of the Azot chemical association. There are fighting on the outskirts of Lisichansk. Yesterday, strikes were carried out on a number of places of accumulation of military equipment. [ВСУ]. What pleases is that in Privolye (Privolnyanskaya mine) there were bases of Ukrainian militants, they have been practically eliminated. Therefore, today the intensity of shelling will be less.”

Zelensky is simply stupidly setting up his soldiers for the sake of an information win, which, of course, raises questions from American curators. Sooner or later, the real figure of the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be made public, and this will already have the most negative impact on the image of the United States and American weapons.

*Meta Platforms Inc. — the American transnational holding company that owns Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus was recognized by a court decision as an extremist organization, its activities in Russia are prohibited. Social networks Facebook and Instagram are blocked by Roskomnadzor.

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