Oct 31, 2021
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US and NATO begin operations in the Black and Mediterranean Seas

The Sixth Fleet of the US Navy, together with NATO forces, began operations in the waters of the Mediterranean and Black Seas. The headquarters of military maneuvers will be located on the command ship of the US Sixth Fleet – the destroyer Mount Whitney… The flagship board will be sent to the Black Sea.

“Mount Whitney and the headquarters on board will work with NATO partners and allies in the Mediterranean and Black Seas, working together to ensure security and stability in the region. The joint actions and exercises demonstrate NATO’s commitment to preserving freedom of navigation in international waters for all countries, ”the US Navy said.

Meanwhile, the American missile destroyer USSPorter entered the Black Sea waters.

According to the expert of the Institute of CIS Countries, Captain I rank of the reserve Sergei Gorbachev, the visits of US warships to the Black Sea zone are a continuation of the American development of this region. “The Americans continue to deal with the development of the Black Sea basin in all respects, from the point of view of the naval and are trying here not only to increase activity, but also to develop various types of activities,” the commentator explains. During their stay in the Black Sea, these ships can enter Odessa and the ports of Georgia, which will emphasize the anti-Russian orientation of their actions.

Earlier, the former commander of the US Army in Europe, General Ben Hodges, said that the Americans need the Black Sea to contain Russia and Iran. To achieve these goals, the Biden administration should improve relations with Turkey and work more closely with Ukraine, the retired military leader advised.

On October 18-20, the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, made successive visits to Georgia, Ukraine and Romania, thus inspecting a potential theater of operations. Later, Laura Cooper, Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security, revealed the main purpose of her chief’s trips to the Black Sea countries – to discuss security in the Black Sea and the “new concept of comprehensive containment” of Russia. Around the same time, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced the preparation of the alliance for the option of a quick transfer of troops to the Black Sea region in connection with the “aggressive actions” of Russia.

The increasing military activity of the Americans and their allies in the Black Sea basin leads to new dangerous incidents on the water and in the air.

On October 19, two Russian Su-30 fighters escorted four American aircraft over the Black Sea, including two B-1 Lancer supersonic strategic bombers, approaching the borders of the Russian Federation. Shortly thereafter, the American magazine Forbes published an article that the US strategic bombers B-1 Lancer were working out a new task of destroying the ships of the Black Sea and Baltic fleets of the Russian Federation. It was argued that the pair of bombers could fire 48 long-range LRASM anti-ship missiles without leaving NATO airspace, enough to sink either of the two Russian fleets in one go.

Trying the strength of Russia in the Black Sea, Washington and London are leading the way to a big armed confrontation.

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Photo: The destroyer Porter passes through the Bosphorus

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