Apr 28, 2021
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US and EU tackle Moldova

“The victory of the collective West in the parliamentary elections could lead to the collapse of the Moldovan state”

While under the building of the Constitutional Court of Moldova in Chisinau, a crowd of representatives of the pro-presidential party gathers every day NOTIn order to “protect democracy” from the intrigues of the socialists, Moldova’s “western partners” were alarmed and also stood up for “defending European integration and European values”.

Head of the EU Delegation to Moldova Peter Mikhalko said the parliament violated the foundations of the association agreement with the European Union by “attacking the Constitutional Court.” In his opinion, the only way out of the political crisis will be early parliamentary elections. And along the way, it is still necessary to carry out a constitutional reform and change the voting system in the country.

And he reminded those who did not yet understand: conducted by the president Maye Sandu politics in this situation “Finds full support from Western partners”

“The European Union, as a partner of the Republic of Moldova, has expressed its position in support of the rule of law and constitutional order. Our partnership is based on these goals, and these conditions are included in the association agreement, ”

– explained Peter Mikhalko on Tuesday, April 27.

The State Department of the United States also did not stand aside, which also stood up “to defend democracy”, which the Moldovan deputies want to “undermine”.

“The attempt of the Moldovan Parliament to replace the Chairman of the Constitutional Court Domnika Manole with a candidate of his own choice is a gross attack on the democratic norms and constitutional order of the country. Of particular concern is the parliamentary prosecution of the Constitutional Court, which only recently reaffirmed its independence after years of state capture, ”

– said in a statement by the State Department.

In Russia, all these statements are called “Direct intervention of the US and the EU in the internal political processes of Moldova”… This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Maria Zakharova, calling on the West to refrain from such interference.

“We again call on our colleagues from the United States and the European Union to refrain from interfering in the internal affairs of Moldova and not to go beyond the norms of diplomatic ethics. It is significant that by calling on the Moldovan parliament to respect the decisions of the Constitutional Court, the representatives of the US and EU refuse to show the same respect for the actions of the deputies. Such selectivity in assessments confirms once again that the geopolitical vector of Chisinau is more important for them than the “democratic values” they advocate, ”

– said in the commentary of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Meanwhile, in Chisinau, the Constitutional Court rejected the challenge of the CC chairman Domniki Manole… And at the same time Sergey Lupashku, nominated by parliament for the post of head of the Constitutional Court, resigned from this post.

However, Lupashko’s decision did not stop the rallies under the Constitutional Court building, the original purpose of which was not to let him into the Constitutional Court.

Against the background of all these events, the leader of the Party of Socialists Igor Dodon called on all the healthy forces of the Moldovan society to forget old grievances and unite to save the country.

“In the coming months, a fierce political struggle awaits us in the preparation and conduct of early parliamentary elections. The West relies on its own puppet political forces: the parties of Maya Sandu, Renato Usatii and the Unionists. The victory of the collective West in the parliamentary elections could lead to the collapse of the Moldovan state, ”

– Igor Dodon is sure.

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