Jan 27, 2022
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US Ambassador Sullivan visits Russian Foreign Ministry

US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan visited the building of the Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday evening, TASS reports.

The diplomat stayed there for less than half an hour, he did not comment on the purpose of his visit to journalists. Although the media reported that the American side handed over to Moscow written responses to Russia’s proposals on security guarantees.

Also, the receipt of a response was confirmed by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Russia presented its draft treaty with the United States and an agreement with the North Atlantic Alliance on security assurances at the end of last year. Moscow, in particular, is demanding legal guarantees against further expansion of the alliance to the east and deployment of military bases in the countries of the former USSR.

At the same time, on January 24, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced that the North Atlantic bloc was considering the possibility of increasing its presence in the east. The US administration has stated that it does not plan to make any concessions to Russia.

It was also reported that US officials asked Russian colleagues not to release their written response to the security guarantee proposals.

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