Apr 19, 2021
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US Air Force pilots arrive in Poland to train on the Su-22

More than 20 US Air Force fighters have landed in Poland today, April 19. These vehicles are participating in exercises for the transfer of US air forces to the eastern flank of NATO.

Not only F-16s, but also F-15s of the 48th Fighter Aviation Regiment, permanently stationed at the British Air Force base in Lakenheath, take part in the exercises. The photographs provided by the Polish Ministry of National Defense show that they are, among other things, the multipurpose F-15E Strike Eagle.

“Several dozen US F-15 and F-16 aircraft arrived in Poland today. The European Command of the US Armed Forces trains the rapid deployment of air forces to Europe using, among other things, Polish airports. By doing together, we strengthen the security of our region, ”Polish Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak tweeted.

According to the Polish military portal, the current rotation of the American squadron is combined with exercises to deploy aviation on the eastern flank. Lt. Col. Marek Pawlak, a spokesman for the Main Command of the Polish Armed Forces, said that this time the Americans will train with Polish pilots on different types of vehicles, not only F-16s, but also MiG-29s and Su-22s. Soviet aircraft models remained in Poland since the Polish People’s Republic. American pilots showed interest in mastering Soviet combat vehicles.

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