Sep 6, 2021
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US advises EU to follow Lithuania’s example in relations with China

Having ruined relations with China, Lithuania undertook to establish rules for communication with Beijing for the entire EU

Last week, in Ljubljana (Slovenia), a meeting of the heads of the foreign affairs agencies of the EU member states took place, during which the Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis made a proposal on how relations between the European Union and China should develop in the future. The Lithuanian minister is sure: all communication with Beijing should take place only within the framework of the “27 + 1” format, cooperation of individual European countries with China is unacceptable.

“The European Union must adhere to its values ​​and principles, and it also needs to strengthen its economic resilience and reduce its dependence on Chinese trade ties. It is necessary to strategically approach relations with China. Individual agendas of member states’ relations with China do not strengthen the EU. If we act separately, not in the EU-27 format, we will lose on many fronts, ”

– the Baltic news portal quotes Landsbergis’s speech Delphi

According to him, the European Union needs in all cases, when it comes to relations with China, to act as a united front with the North Atlantic Alliance, as well as “With like-minded people in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond”

The day before Landsbergis made his speech in Ljubljana, members of the United States Congress expressed their support for Vilnius in its diplomatic conflict with Beijing. “Lithuania’s determined will to combat the growing influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Europe”

“Your country understands better than others what it means to live under the pressure of a brutal autocratic regime. Just as past generations opposed the evil of the Soviet Union, you are now rebelling against the Chinese Communist Party and the greatest threat to the democratic way of life in recent decades, ”

– says the letter, which was signed by 15 members of the US Congress.

The congressmen welcomed and praised Lithuania’s decision to abandon cooperation with China in the 27 + 1 format, recalling that this format is part of the broader Chinese Belt and Road Initiative. Washington recalls that all these Chinese projects are not really economic, as Beijing presents them, but political. China has one goal – to establish political influence over the European Union.

Congressmen also call on all EU countries to leave the “27 + 1” format, although they understand that this will not be easy, since Beijing “Puts a lot of pressure on those who resist”

Inspired by American support, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry decided to recall its ambassador to China “for consultations.”

Chairman of the Seimas Group for Relations with Taiwan Matas Maldeikis said that the Ambassador of Lithuania to the PRC Diana Mitskevich should arrive in Vilnius in the near future.

American “tobacco” in the EU, as before, is busy promoting US interests in the European Union. The most surprising thing is that pro-American regimes act to the detriment of the economies of European countries, despite the fact that the EU subsidizes these regimes.

Confrontation with China is on the agenda now.

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