Feb 17, 2021
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Urgently hospitalized Mikhail Boyarsky is discharged from the hospital

State Duma deputy, son of the famous actor Sergei Boyarsky said that his father’s coronavirus was not confirmed. The artist is discharged from the hospital, his health has improved.

Mikhail Boyarsky was admitted to the non-coarse department of hospital No. 122 in St. Petersburg with a high fever and weakness in his body. Doctors gave the 71-year-old actor a CT scan, but found no lung damage. The heir to the celebrity assured fans that his father was okay.

“He’s fine, everything was fine yesterday. Will be home today. As for the reasons for his poor health, it seems to me that it is not worth discussing. This is not a coronavirus, that’s okay, “Sergei said in an interview with the St. Petersburg Diary.

Earlier, a source from the Federal News Agency reported that Boyarsky did not want to go to the hospital, even though he was feeling unwell. The health of the actor in the hospital was taken care of by the same doctors that put Alice Freindlich on her feet.

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