Apr 28, 2022
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“Ural” from Russian turns into Kazakh

Photo: Donat Sorokin/TASS

Ural Motorcycles, a Russian company that makes once-popular sidecar motorcycles, is moving assembly production to Kazakhstan. The enterprise is located in the Sverdlovsk region, in the city of Irbit (Sverdlovsk region). Irbit, thanks to the motorcycle factory, received the unofficial title of “motorcycle capital”. But now this status will be lost: “iron horses” will be produced in Petropavlovsk, the administrative center of the North Kazakhstan region. The CEO spoke about this Ilya Khait in a video posted on the company’s YouTube channel.

“We have to move… Now we can’t even import spare parts from abroad. Well, at least we will be able to send (ready-made motorcycles to foreign buyers – ed.) from Kazakhstan, ”he said. The news that Ural Motorcycles decided to relocate beyond the cordon made a lot of noise in social networks.

“They took the gold out, filled the pod and gave it as a gift, now everything will be transferred to a very friendly Kazakhstan?”

“I don’t think this will help, since even with “partially Russian” parts, the import of these motorcycles can be blocked.”

“Good news. Jobs in fraternal Kazakhstan. Probably, workers from the Sverdlovsk region will go there too? Do not cut them !!!”, users are outraged.

According to the general director, such a decision to move had to be made due to problems with the import of components and difficulties with the export of products: “We can neither import anything nor export it. And even if they could, we see huge import tariffs. In Australia 35%, in Canada 35%, in the USA 10%, we cannot supply motorcycles to Japan at all,” he specified.

It is noteworthy that Ural Motorcycles has acquired dealerships in the US, Canada and Mexico. It seems that the products were intended for wealthy foreign fans of extreme sports who are ready to pay extra for the “legendary” brand. We were curious about the cost of Russian models. What immediately pops up in the search engine is road and tourist, from a million or more. Imported motorcycles of such classes are unlike cheaper, although not so fancy.

Apparently, modern “Urals” are designed not just for driving, but for driving with show-offs. And in Russia, the majority of the population simply does not have the opportunity to overpay for show-offs. So the loss of access to foreign markets for the enterprise is a real disaster. Hite predicts that sales in 2022 will decline significantly.

However, the Irbit Motorcycle Plant will still continue to work, but will focus on the production of frames and body elements. But the company will reduce some of the staff in Irbit and hire workers in Kazakhstan. In the city, of course, there are other enterprises, for example, a clothing factory operates, a pharmaceutical and a dairy plant. Poultry farm nearby. Bakery. But cutting jobs in these difficult times is a problem. After all, not every mechanic or locksmith will easily and quickly learn how to take care of chickens, bake bread or sew panties. And you have to live on something.

But back to moving. Petropavlovsk was not chosen by chance: it is a large industrial city, the majority of whose population speaks Russian. Other advantages include a simplified procedure for crossing the border between Kazakhstan and Russia and similar legal regimes in the two countries.

Somehow I immediately recall that during the Great Patriotic War, Soviet factories were evacuated to the north of Kazakhstan. Mostly from Leningrad.

Petropavlovsk, for example, sheltered factory No. 129, which produced ammunition. There were enterprises that later produced radio electronics, torpedoes, rocketry. These were very powerful factories. With all infrastructure. With very competent specialists – at all levels of production.

Even kindergartens riveted to factories were not called kindergartens, but children’s factories – with an appropriate level of training for children.

There is nothing to say about the USSR Ministry of Defense.

Now the workshops are again stretched from Russia to Petropavlosk. The Ural motorcycle for people who worked on secret conveyors is not just a laugh, but a toy.

“It’s clear what they are afraid of: sanctions, markets, loss of supplies of components,” the expert believes. Valentin Katasonov.

– I think this is such a maneuver to go under the roof of countries that are not included in the list of unfriendly states and have not yet joined the sanctions against Russia. But the fact is that the West will squeeze them.

There are some signs that at any moment they can salute and join these sanctions. Therefore, moving production there is a rather risky maneuver. By the way, they “leave” not only to neighboring countries, but also, for example, to Turkey.

joint venture»: — What could this mean for Russia?

– Russia will simply lose people, part of the production, and, of course, jobs. But the main thing is that it will lose its independence, as it loses production. Unfortunately, the tasks are not very clearly understood. In my opinion, there is no other option but to announce reindustrialization. But not just on the forehead, but within the framework of the state program, and it is necessary to close the borders (for financial flows – ed.) in order to create an independent, self-sufficient economy.

Deputy Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for Economic Policy Mikhail Delyagin sees a pattern in the actions of the management of Ural Motorcycles, which, however, in his opinion, is not connected with the sanctions.

“This is not a transfer of production. This is an escape. Russia is losing jobs and taxes because of this.

But how reliable the shelter is is another question. Look at social networks: there are many groups whose members almost obscene Russia, and Russians are mixed with dirt.

In addition, our former partners from the West are literally strangling Kazakhstan in their tenacious spider legs. Recently visited by the Deputy Secretary of State of the United States Uzra Zeya. So she bluntly stated that Washington takes into account the interests of Kazakhstan in connection with the sanctions pressure on Russia, and that joint work is being carried out in order to reduce the costs for Kazakhstan from anti-Russian sanctions.

But Kazakhstani officials insist that they are afraid of the spread of secondary sanctions to Kazakhstan if it tries to somehow convert its ability to supply the Russian Federation with sanctioned materials or carry out financial transactions with its banks.

And, accordingly, they cannot give guarantees that they will not bend if they are pressed down because they have been “sheltered” by Russian factories.

And if we add to this that American business invested $47 billion in the economy of Kazakhstan before the start of the pandemic, then we can safely say that the United States holds this country by the throat with an iron grip.

But for now, Kazakhstan is ready to support all the “defectors”. This was confirmed by the Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan Kairbek Uskenbaevsaid: “We welcome all the enterprises that are preparing to open with us – these are jobs, this is a new tax base, these are competencies.”

According to him, other Russian companies also express their intention to relocate to the Kazakh market.

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