Apr 23, 2022
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Unusual types of pizza that you can order at the Farfor restaurant

Unusual types of pizza that you can order at the Farfor restaurantunusual pizzapizza

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes at the Farfor restaurant in Orenburg. It is ordered both as a snack at work and at home when you don’t feel like cooking dinner or friends suddenly come. Such popularity is not surprising. Pizza is not only a tasty dish, but also very diverse. There are dozens of different types of it all over the world, so literally everyone can find an option to their liking, even those who love original combinations.

Top 3 most unusual pizzas in the world

This dish, although it originated in Italy, is known and popular in different countries around the planet. In Russia, it is also in demand, there are places where you can order it in many cities. Delicious pizza in Orenburg is available in the Farfor restaurant.

There are many varieties of this dish. Many countries even have their own original recipes. And some of them are simply amazing with their originality:

  1. Economists. This is a mini pizza from Japan. It is made on the basis of batter, to which various filling ingredients are added. It is baked in special frying pans with small round holes; the finished okonomiyaki are shaped like small spheres.
  2. Pizza cone. This is the idea of ​​an Italian architect. The unusual shape makes it convenient to enjoy just on the go. The dish is called “Kono” and it is available with different types of fillings.
  3. “Pizza of Happiness” This unusual recipe comes from Cambodia. Her secret lies in an unusual “seasoning”. Crushed marijuana leaves are added to the filling. There are no reliable facts about the fact that such a meal makes people happy, but this menu item is very popular with tourists.

Unusual varieties of “Italian flatbread” are also in Russia. In particular, residents of Orenburg liked several original recipes.

Top 3 Unusual Farfor Pizzas

In the menu of this institution you can find many positions of this dish. Among them are world-famous ones such as “Margarita”, “Four Seasons”, “4 Cheeses” and “Hawaiian”.

But there are also branded varieties, and some of them surprise with originality. For example, customers of the Farfor restaurant can order the following items:

  • “Caesar”. The chip is a spicy sauce of the same name. It includes canned anchovies, lemon and garlic.
  • Sweet pizza. There are 3 positions to choose from: with strawberries, cherries and apples. In addition to berries and fruits, cream sauce, vanillin, sugar, topping or condensed milk are added.
  • “Tom yum”. The filling of this pizza is reminiscent of the ingredients that are added to this famous Thai soup: shrimp, mushrooms, chicken breast, chili and onions. All this splendor is dressed with tom yum sauce, and when ordering, an additional tomato sauce from the chef is served.

For those who can not decide, there are special offers. For example, you can order a combo of several pizzas (2,3,4,5 or 8 pieces) or assemble one of two different halves at your discretion.

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