Dec 29, 2020
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Unusual things for the kitchen

The life of a modern housewife is almost impossible without the help of various devices and kitchen appliances, which can easily cope with a wide variety of tasks. Today supermarkets and online stores offer an incredible assortment of unusual things for the kitchen, which makes homework easy and enjoyable.

Useful tools in the kitchen

A wide variety

Most of the well-known manufacturers of kitchen utensils mainly offer a product line consisting of the main attributes of the kitchen, such as dishes, storage containers, containers for preparing food, etc. However, many popular online marketplaces are simply overflowing with offers that can surprise you with their functionality, construction and design. It is easy and simple to buy unusual things for the kitchen today, for this you need to place an order on the website and pay for it in a convenient way.

Holders and Mounts

Often, when preparing food, a situation arises when it is necessary to fix kitchen utensils or other necessary things. Here, various original and unusual items for the kitchen in the most diverse form will come to the rescue:

  • magnetic holders for the refrigerator for tablets;
  • brackets;
  • coasters for books and notebooks with recipes;
  • hanging hinges;
  • magnetic board for writing with crayons, felt-tip pens and markers;
  • metal lightweight structures;
  • hooks for holding kitchen paper and textile towels, potholders with fastening on the doors of furniture fronts;
  • containers for waste and cleaning with fixation to the table top.

Holders and Mounts

Storage and freezing containers

In order not to occupy the kitchen space with bulky jars for storing cereals and other food products, it is more convenient to use plastic containers of various shapes with lids and clips. The interesting shape and unusual design of such containers can decorate the interior of the kitchen, as well as intelligently organize the work area.

Recently, many housewives more and more often make preparations for the winter in the form of freezing some vegetables and fruits in the refrigerating chamber; many options for convenient containers, containers and disposable forms are offered for their storage. To make ice, you can use silicone molds with recesses in the form of long sticks, which allows you to add it to cool the drink in a bottle with a narrow neck. There are also options for non-spill forms – this model allows you to store ice in the refrigerator or take it with you to a picnic without fear of spilling water.

Storage and freezing containers

Measuring instruments and measuring accessories

To control the temperature regime for the preparation of some dishes, it is convenient to use food thermometers, which can be found in the most bizarre shape. Also popular are thermometers built into the handle of a ladle or spatula, which makes it possible to measure the temperature almost without interrupting the process.

If you need to measure various ingredients, it is convenient to use plastic or silicone measuring spoons, molds, glasses that are easy to fold, clean and do not take up much space when stored in a kitchen cabinet.

There is also a clear plastic mug with graduated marks and a dispenser, it will help when frying pancakes, fritters, filling small baking dishes for muffins and muffins.

Measuring instruments and measuring accessories

Slicing, peeling and chopping

The process of chopping and slicing food is considered an integral part of almost every culinary recipe. Here, the imagination of designers and industry craftsmen simply knows no boundaries – the consumer is offered many options and models of various devices:

Graters and vegetable cutters that collect, apply and clean will not take much effort. With the help of such devices, you can easily prepare ingredients for salads, stews and fruit and vegetable mixes.

Knives and scissors of various shapes for beautiful curly cutting. There are models for cutting vegetables and fruits into slices, spirals, rings and geometric shapes. The bestseller is a screw knife for slicing pineapple, with which you can get even and beautiful pieces at the lowest cost. Devices for cutting watermelon are also popular; desserts are often decorated with such shaped parts. Some models of these knives are made in such a way that they can cut vegetables and fruits immediately in a salad bowl.

To avoid injuries and cuts, it is recommended to use special devices for fixing the product and protecting the fingers, such as the barbed bow holder and finger cap. Such a device will help you effortlessly cut the onion into even rings, and the protective cap protects your hands from damage.

Convenient vegetable cutters

Cake knife – a base rod is inserted into the center, which has plastic inserts for the knife blade for cutting the cake into segments.

Pizza scissors – have an unusual shape that allows you to cut into equal pieces without much effort.

A nutcracker in the form of a squirrel does an excellent job with the task, even a beginner can work with such an accessory

The work with cleaning an ear of corn is considered not much harder – for this, a special container with built-in blades is carefully used.

Some manufacturing companies even offer their customers herb and herb scissors that have 4-5 blades.

To get even pieces of baguette for canapes and sandwiches, they use a special template board, and many also use transformer boards with sides in the household.

Greenery scissors

Mixer attachments

In order to save money, special nozzles are often used for kitchen sink mixers, which allows you to control water consumption and use it wisely. It is not difficult to install such a nozzle; depending on the required jet pressure, several types can be combined.


For many manufacturers, this category is represented by the widest product line, as it is the most extensive and large-scale. The most interesting and functional models are found here, which include convenience and practicality:

Bowl plate – ideal for serving hot first course and bread, sandwiches.

Mug for mixing liquids – perfectly mixes coffee, tea with milk, also used for preparing liquid protein, the cup is powered by a rechargeable battery.

A shaker glass works on a similar principle, with which you can prepare a milkshake, smoothie or fruit mix.

Bowls designed to be stacked in a cupboard.

Silicone cup for serving sauces (with fastening) that can be securely fixed on the plate.

Silicone cup for serving sauces

A container with holes in the bottom through which unopened corn kernels are separated when making popcorn.

A mug for tea and coffee with an indicator of the temperature of the liquid inside: the blue color of the heart indicates cooled tea, pink – about hot.

Salad bowls, consisting of 2 parts – a colander and a bowl, with this option, cooking will become much more convenient.

Silicone lids with squeeze, drain (for cooking pasta, dumplings, etc.) or on any container (pan, shape) with smooth edges. Suitable for any diameter, can be stored in the refrigerator or used in the microwave.

Grill paddles are a versatile helper when working on an open fire, convenient and functional.

Grill paddles

Other accessories

To update your kitchen interior, you can use various stickers on the refrigerator and kitchen fronts. Stickers in the form of smiling emoticons can cheer up all household members.

For grilling meat, kebabs and vegetables, there are several options for skewers and grates that can be used over an open fire without fear of scalding.

Strainers for brewing tea in a cup in the form of various little men and animals, for example, sloths, look very unusual and interesting. Small children especially like to drink tea brewed in this way.

Many online retailers offer quirky mashed potatoes with a handle that resembles a ski pole. The device is easy to use and maintain.

Citrus juicers can be of different shapes, types and sizes, but their common advantage is that juice can be obtained quite quickly compared to squeezing juice by hand.

Citrus juicers

Pots for hot pots, made in the shape of cute animal paws, will protect hands and give confidence and good mood to little cooks. Silicone potholders can easily cope with a similar task.

The steamer – a silicone mesh with holes – helps to quickly boil vegetables, is suitable for use in ordinary pots, has handles.

Some designers have gone a lot further with toaster bags for toasting hot cheese sandwiches to keep the melted cheese from flowing out.

Unusual spatulas for serving a birthday cake can decorate any celebration.

Various presses (for tortilla, pizza dough and others) will greatly simplify the cooking process.

For the ideal separation of the yolk from the protein in the network, you can find many options, probably the most unusual and creative is the cup, through the holes in which the protein flows.

Baking and cooking forms

For those who love homemade cakes or casseroles, the various oven tins are ideal. The assortment in this category is simply incredible – shapes in the form of animals, objects, geometry and more. Also, many use similar models when frying eggs and omelets.

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