Nov 3, 2021
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Unusual luxury, or top premium brands to pay attention to

Beauty industry research has shown that luxury perfumes and cosmetics sold well even during recessions and crises. Premium products are like works of art and are thought out to the smallest detail – from composition and effectiveness to design and functionality. Their popularity is not surprising: quality and beauty are a combination that does not leave anyone indifferent. Take a look at the top premium brands that have excelled in the market and see everyone’s unique ideas.


One of the oldest cosmetic companies founded in 1872. It has gone from Japan’s first Western-style pharmacy to a large and world-renowned manufacturer of high-quality grooming and decorative cosmetics, perfumes and hair products. The brand’s DNA embodies a unique heritage and is based on Japanese aesthetics and traditions. Many of Shiseido’s beauty products have become popular thanks to the ReNeura technology, which enhances the effectiveness of ingredients and promotes their absorption. The products contain extracts of green tea yuji, sakura, angelica and other unusual plants.


Sisley products are respected all over the world for their high quality, natural potency and sensory properties. Most of the care and make-up products, like perfumes, are designed and manufactured in France. The company’s know-how is based on a comprehensive approach to beauty that combines knowledge of the skin, unique experience and awareness of the phytocosmetics industry. The iconic Sisleya grooming line has hit the market after 10 years of research. Its formula contains over 50 natural ingredients that simultaneously act on different aging mechanisms. The brand’s specialists have been studying the flora for more than 40 years and carefully selecting samples. For example, Madagascar Asiatic Centella and black rose petals are most beneficial to the skin. Sisley products contain an exceptional concentration of key ingredients, some exceeding 20% ​​of the total.

Unusual luxury, or top premium brands to pay attention to

Titiana Terenzi

The brand’s perfumes convey emotions and immerse you on a journey through memories. They embody the desire to remain in the beautiful moment and in the endless exploration of the inner and outer edges. The element of Tiziana Terenzi is fire, as an image and a demonstration of power that expels darkness and reveals the essence, according to the judgments of Leonardo da Vinci. The compositions of the fragrances correspond to the rules of high perfumery: each molecule is in its place (almost independently of the author), because the creations express the truth. The perfumer of the Paolo Terenzi brand loves to work only with natural raw materials, which he himself obtains around the world while traveling. Each composition is contained in an exquisite, expensive and fashionable bottle: designer Tiziana Terenzi uses 24-carat gold, hand-crafted Italian glass, inserts and lids from rare woods and hand-cut leather for decoration.


“Do more, do better, do with pleasure,” is the motto of the founder of Jacques Courtin-Clarins. The luxury brand is known for its sophisticated perfumery and delicate beauty products. In France, skin care has always been given a lot of attention, so the success of Clarins was not long in coming. The company always prefers natural ingredients due to their high efficiency: more than 250 plant extracts are involved in the formulas, among which you can find cantaloupe, Egyptian balanites, anigosanthos, mitracarp, agave and other exotic samples. Even if the product seems perfect, Clarins strives to improve it. One of the striking examples is Double Serum, beloved by many women, whose formula has been modernized five times already. The product is aimed at nourishing, moisturizing, protecting, restoring and oxygenating.

Unusual luxury, or top premium brands to pay attention to


This story is about the courage of creativity. Since 1828, Guerlain has been developing and refining iconic fragrances, make-up and skincare products thanks to the ever-present skill and resourcefulness of the craftsmen at home. They draw inspiration from nature and art, celebrating the culture of French beauty. The company reverently preserves its production traditions and uses the services of the best artisans: perfumery is produced in Orfin in the Yvelines department, and beauty products in Chartres in the Ayr-et-Loire department. The Dames de Table craftswomen working on the brand’s fragrances are proficient in the art of barbishage, bodyshage and making wax seals: thanks to their skills, the bottles acquire artistic significance. For almost two centuries, the world has seen more than 1000 compositions. The olfactory style is created by the iconic notes of rose, iris, vanilla, tonka bean, bergamot and jasmine.

The rating is rather arbitrary, since there are still many non-trivial luxury, but at least once it is definitely worth pampering yourself with a product of one of the listed brands. It is the ultimate aerobatics in the beauty industry, designed to emphasize individuality and deliver the ultimate in personal care pleasure.

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