Jan 11, 2021
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Unusual job

Most people all their lives go to ordinary and routine work, performing which they receive their income. Many of them cannot even imagine how unusual work exists in the world, and sometimes very close to them. In addition to creative and extravagant professions, there are completely absurd and even funny ones.

“There is such a profession – to lie in bed”

Several years ago, recruiting agencies were dumbfounded by a request that came to them: they need to find 15 people willing to lie in bed for three weeks without getting up. The payment for this was decent – $ 6,000.

Profession - lying in bed

Although this seems like a very simple task, not everyone can complete it, because the volunteers were tied to a bed, which stands in an unusual position tilted to the side of the head. This situation causes a headache and a deterioration in well-being, circles and spots before the eyes. There is nothing to say about how the whole body and limbs are numb. Therefore, a large reward is fully justified, despite the fact that essentially nothing needs to be done.


The culture of Asian countries teaches from childhood to hide their negative emotions not only in front of strangers, but also in the family circle: it is considered indecent to share problems or bad mood here, and crying in public is completely shameful. But in a number of countries it is customary to mourn the deceased, and it is believed that the louder the groaning, the easier the deceased will go to heaven. But Asians hide tears so deeply inside themselves that most often there is no way to cry even if they wanted to. We have to somehow solve this problem.

The need to mourn the dead has given rise to a special kind of unusual work. The people involved in this profession are called tear sellers. A price list has been drawn up for their services, which includes items such as “crying,” “crying with howling,” “frantic crying with falling to your knees,” “hysteria with beating your chest and tearing your clothes.” Crying with howling and rolling on the ground at the same time is valued most dearly.

Professional mourners

In order to get such an unusual job, a special exam is conducted: the applicant must demonstrate the ability to quickly squeeze out tears, sob picturesquely and dramatically and calm down in a matter of seconds.

Tenderness as an occupation

In many corporations and large firms, personal relationships between employees are prohibited, not to mention physical contact, kissing and hugging. Those who are categorically unhappy with such rules may find a completely opposite workplace, where hugs, affection and tenderness are not only welcome, but are considered mandatory.

The profession in question is called “panda hugger”. The main requirements for who will take this place are as follows: age over 22 years, knowledge of the behavior of these animals, love for our smaller brothers, good nature and smiling. Pandas need to be cuddled more often, communicate and play with them, often take pictures and write about them on the website and blog, in general, behave like ordinary parents in relation to their children.

"Hugger" reminder

You need to communicate with pandas 365 days a year, you cannot leave them, as they do not tolerate parting with people to whom they are attached. The salary for such an unusual job is high – 32 thousand dollars a year, in addition, the employee is fully provided with accommodation and food. In addition to all the listed benefits, the hugger of pandas is not in danger of any stress, since hugging with these cute funny animals increases stress resistance and the level of the pleasure hormone in the blood to unprecedented heights.

Silence is gold

Man is a friend of a dog, and this is no secret to anyone. In Stockholm (Sweden), the scale of love for dogs has exceeded all possible limits, so statistics show that almost every family has a four-legged friend. But in this country, a very high tax is levied for the maintenance of a dog, which animal owners are not all willing to voluntarily pay to the state.

Profession - barking dog detective

Due to the fact that there are people trying to hide the presence of a pet, a new unusual profession has appeared in Stockholm – the barking detective of dogs. From the first day of its foundation, this post has been occupied by Elfrida Carlson, who successfully copes with her official duties, and they are quite exotic: she needs to walk along the porches and along private houses and bark in different voices. Her “vocal” abilities allow her to reproduce the barking of 20 different breeds. Since dogs are very sociable creatures, they always respond. Someone happily barks in response, and someone starts a real skirmish, but none of them can remain silent.

Elfrida Carlson, as a real specialist, is able to determine the breed of the dog and its approximate age by voice, since the tax for different breeds differs in the amount of the amount. She then issues invoices to the owners. If they continue to resist and prove that they do not have animals in the house, they are provided with an audio recording made near their apartment or house.

Specific tasters

“It freshens breath even better” – such phrases are often heard in advertising of gum and cause bewilderment: who determines whether chewing gum does its job better or worse? Ordinary viewers in front of the TV do not realize that there is such a specialty in the world – a breath taster.

Breath taster

The specialists involved in this business must have a good sense of smell and a complete absence of disgust, since all working day they constantly have to sniff someone else’s breath after chewing gum. Subjects should have bad teeth, eat onions and garlic, drink alcoholic beverages, and a breath taster should determine on a ten-point scale how well chewing gum “masks” these unpleasant odors.

Approximately the same scheme of work for the armpit sniffer, who is an indispensable participant in the development of new types of antiperspirants, only this poor fellow has to sniff not the breath, but other people’s armpits after physical exertion.

Penguin flipper

Penguins are cute and funny creatures. Not only has nature not endowed them with the ability to fly, but also when moving on land these creatures are extremely clumsy and clumsy. Nevertheless, these birds are extremely curious, and when a helicopter or plane flies over them, which is often the case in the Arctic, they lift their heads up, trying to consider the source of the noise. At the same time, many of them fall on their backs, and the anatomical structure does not allow them to return to an upright position on their own.

Penguin flipper

To help the clumsy birds, a new profession has appeared – the penguin flipper. Responsibilities are to turn the penguin on its stomach, and from this position he himself can rise. This work is not only interesting and amazing, but also the rarest in the world. The main requirement is good vision, allowing you to see a penguin in need of help from afar, and resistance to colds.

“What will you call a yacht”

The sphere of high fashion has long gone beyond the industry of comfortable, comfortable and adequate clothing. Its direct purpose is to shock and surprise, amaze the imagination and evoke unexpected images in fantasies. It is a couturier’s task to draw a new sketch and create outfits based on it, but for an unusual outfit there must be an appropriate name, for the creation of which a separate talent is needed.

Creative clothing designer

Those who believe that they have such talent can test their strength in work, the main occupation of which is inventing interesting names for new collections and their individual elements. Names such as “Morning of the Monarch”, “Blood on Hands”, “The Seduction of the Pope”, “Tears of a Demon” are the daily work of a dress caller. The main requirement for such an applicant is boundless imagination and a skillful combination of the master’s plan with a verbal characteristic, which only a select few succeed in.

A question the answer

Not lagging behind in manifestations of imagination and employees of the HR department or recruiters looking for candidates for unusual jobs. Those who are sent to such interviews need to be prepared for the fact that they can be extremely non-standard and unusual.

Most of all, recruiters love to dazzle with paradoxical questions that can cause a fit of laughter or genuine surprise. A career worker may ask why a centipede needs forty legs, if people have only two, or what color a stop valve is painted on an airplane. You need to be ready to answer any question, for example, what should you wash first after a murder: your hands or the floor? How to sell felt boots in an hour in Africa? Who is Winnie the Pooh more like: Mother Teresa or Madonna?

HR workers

Answers to such questions will tell a lot about a person: if he falls into a stupor, then lightning-fast decision-making is not his strong point. When he starts laughing, he shows a high degree of mental resistance to stress, and if he seriously thinks about the answer and tries to reason logically, it means that he is very rational, disciplined and rational.

The digital age

For those who want to work in an unusual job, but at the same time do not leave home anywhere, there are also excellent options. Recently, on the Internet, you can more and more often find job advertisements, about which you could not even dream for several decades.

For example, there is such an IT specialty as a futurologist. His job is to predict the future. The services of fortune-tellers and clairvoyants are no longer in the same demand as before, because people do not believe coffee grounds and maps, but they readily believe the predictions of modern futurologists, therefore their services are in great demand.

For the most creative professionals with out-of-the-box thinking, there is an opportunity to try their hand at the role of a doodler. These professionals are involved in the design of unusual Google logos for specific events or holidays. These logos should be fun, witty, and interesting.

I work on the Internet is unusual

Another dream profession is called a web gardener. For her, you do not need to have special knowledge and skills on the basis of web design. You just need to monitor so that the necessary sites open normally, and all photos and videos on them load well and correctly.

Another great job on the Internet is making money by listening to other people’s complaints about life. A paid interlocutor is ready to maintain a conversation at least around the clock, assenting in fair indignation from the rudeness of the boss, the perfidy of the mother-in-law or the self-interest of women. He will never argue, unless the customer wants it.

“We do not need the Turkish coast”

You don’t have to travel abroad to get an extraordinary job. There are enough “exotic” offers in Russia. For example, in Moscow there is a vacancy for a sofa tester. Responsibilities include daily testing of sofas in different positions: sitting, lying, reclining. Watching TV from the couch for a long time is also part of the list of duties. Based on the results, reports are filled in, which indicate what sensations the operation of this or that sofa causes. The main requirements for an employee are patience and perseverance.

An equally interesting vacancy exists in St. Petersburg: a few months ago recruiting agencies were looking for a person who would be able to accompany foreigners to evening cafes and restaurants for money. He must know all hot spots and the most atmospheric establishments, as well as have a certain baggage of books read and a wide range of interests.

Another unusual announcement is looking for a security guard with a scary face, scars and scars from burns. The applicant must appear rude and cold-blooded. Photos in the resumes sent are required.

This is just a small list of unusual professions. For those who are tired of trivial work, there are hundreds and thousands of options to make their life bright and interesting, and at the same time receive a lot of money, and not spend it.

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