Jul 27, 2020
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Unusual items in school

Biology, mathematics, literature, chemistry, foreign language is a compulsory discipline in the educational program. But there are other school subjects is unusual, and therefore attractive and exciting for students.

In some countries children learn happiness at a school Desk, in others – learn the basics of cyber security and scientific discovery. Has its own "know-how" in the Russian system of education Botanical gardens, lessons of chivalry and something else.

Unusual school subjects

The lesson of happiness

In Germany there's a town where they teach happiness at school. We are talking about school in Heidelberg with the unusual lessons. The task of the teaching staff to explain to the child how to become a happy person, to give tips and tools for this.

Lessons conducted by the principal of the school. It helps students to find harmony, to live in harmony with themselves, and to do good deeds, to act according to the dictates of the heart. Tests and examinations at the end of the year but each student should implement their own good project it could be a charity event or a movie.

The lessons are popular, so it is not excluded that soon they will appear in the educational program of all city schools.

Lessons of happiness


Dependence on games, online problem of the modern young generation. Israeli educators, doctors and parents have joined together to address it. Due to this, in the curriculum of some schools there was an experimental subject – "Cybersecurity".

The study material consists of theoretical and practical parts. In practical lessons adults teach Teens proper social interactions, response to comments, provocations, insults.

A sufficient number of hours devoted to computer games, the formation of addiction and effective methods of struggle against gambling.

Experimental subject –

Scientific inventions

The most unusual school subjects included in curricula, and in progressive America. Not so long ago in the training program appeared discipline "Scientific invention" — it was taught in all schools.

The purpose of the unusual subject matter – to identify the propensity to precise subjects at an early age, to develop capacity and prepare future scientists.

Students listen to a course in the theory, and then get a job. It is the same for all – his own invention.

At the end of the year each student presents a "know-how" in front of their peers, answers questions from the audience. After this, the discussion of the invention – as far as it is relevant, timely, useful. Ends forum evaluation – score exposes each classmate.

The discipline

Folk dances

The peoples of the Caucasus honor the culture and traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. In Armenia, the work is set at the state level – in local schools a new subject "Folk dances". They are included in a training program approved by the Ministry of education, and is required to study.

On the lessons the children learn the history of national dances, learn the basics of choreography.

Exemptions for health reasons and other reasons, students at the end of the year all have to take the exam on folk dances. Students who have received unsatisfactory, the risk remains for a second year.

The subject of

Landscape design

The lessons of architectural and landscape design held in capital comprehensive school №1392. The school has its own greenhouse and Botanical garden – students are grown classic and exotic plants.

In the building of the institution has a comfortable relaxation area, designed by students. Ideas for improvement it is not the end – each project children embody the layouts. One such project is a smart city for children, where there are parks, a comfortable home, energy saving technology.

The lessons of architectural and landscape design

3D modeling

Lessons 3D modeling appeared in the Moscow school No. 2065, which is the history teacher. The subject is interesting because students become familiar with professional programs and use them in practice.

During the training, the students created a reconstruction of the settlement of Kizhi – the characters in it are moving. Everyone involved in a project that he is interested in: someone who creates the cartoons, someone is trying their hand at mobile apps.

Lessons 3D modeling

Installation video

Learn to capture video, overlay music, effects, mount – a skill that will be useful in adult life. In one of the capital's schools installation teach first graders. In the classroom, they filmed a video message, and then make a full movie using iMovie and others. The video remains in memory of the school.


Golf – a game of aristocrats, and the physical education teacher of the Moscow school No. 2120 believes that he is liberating the energies, gives teenagers the opportunity to move, to jump, to burn extra calories. So students have taken up Golf on a special system.

In the same school the teacher of geography introduces students to the basics of the tourist. The lessons they learn with a map, compass, and learn to pitch tents, make fires, navigate the terrain. Acquired skills not only instill a love of nature, and can survive in extreme situations, if such happens in adult life.

Golf in physical education classes

The lessons of chivalry

The days of chivalry are gone, but not for schoolchildren of 6-11 forms of schools №1392 visiting the knight club. Extracurricular classes are conducted by a teacher of history, instilling in children a love of the subject.

Girls and boys make a journey through time, traveling in the era of the Crusades, lose scene of those times, mastering the basics of swordsmanship and knight's etiquette.

There are other unusual school subjects: circus arts, climbing, Chinese. It is important that children they were interesting, because the extra knowledge does not happen.

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