Oct 17, 2020
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Unstable situation in Kyrgyzstan will bring down the country’s economy

Moscow decided to suspend financial assistance to Bishkek for a while

President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Jeenbekov on Friday at an extraordinary session of parliament officially announced his resignation and received the status of ex-president of Kyrgyzstan and the privileges assigned by this status.

The ex-president said that he would not leave the country, but would engage in social activities.

The duties of the president will henceforth be performed by a new prime minister Sadyr Japarov...

According to experts, after resigning Sooronbai Jeenbekova in Kyrgyzstan, the struggle for power will intensify, which could escalate into a civil war.

“Jeenbekov’s decision to resign nullified the emerging opportunity to normalize the political situation in the country. Obviously, some kind of intra-elite agreements that had been concluded earlier and made it possible to say that the situation was somewhat stabilizing were again violated. Accordingly, the only more or less promising center of legitimate power in Kyrgyzstan is now being destroyed, ”

- says the head of the department for Central Asia and Kazakhstan of the Institute of CIS countries Andrey Grozin...

According to him, the new prime minister Japarov, acting president, will not be able to unite society - there are too many people willing to take his place.

“And against him, quite possibly, a coalition of dissatisfied people will very quickly form, who will use the methods of his own supporters in seizing power,

- suggested the expert.

All this will happen against the backdrop of a sharp economic decline and the rapid spread of the coronavirus pandemic - both the first and the second can be observed today.

On Friday, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan Ruslan Kazakbaev stated that the deficit of the Kyrgyz budget will grow by the end of the year.

“Now it is very important for the political situation in Kyrgyzstan to stabilize as soon as possible, because the socio-economic situation, let’s say, is very difficult. A huge - from 30 to 50 billion soms ($ 375 - $ 625 million) - budget deficit of the country at the end of the year is expected. In 2010, we were already getting out of the same difficult situation ",

- noted Kazakbaev.

According to him, today it is very important for Kyrgyzstan to support partner countries, in particular, "a strategic partner and ally of the Russian Federation."

However, Moscow decided to suspend financial assistance to Bishkek for the time being - until the situation in the country stabilizes.

“We see a crisis moment in the republic, therefore, of course, before all departments, all organizations start working, a certain pause makes sense. Moscow is very closely following everything that happens in Kyrgyzstan. We want the situation there to calm down as soon as possible and develop further exclusively in a constitutional manner, without any destructive actions from any side, ”

- the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation commented on the situation Dmitry Peskov...

Meanwhile, deputies of the Kyrgyz parliament on Friday decided to lift the state of emergency in Bishkek.

Repeated parliamentary elections in the country are scheduled for December 20, and early presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan may take place on January 17 next year.

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