Sep 23, 2022
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University teacher stripped naked and drove around in a car, pleasuring himself

naked teacher in the carA truck driver, who happened to be on the road next to a jeep, saw that the motorist in the jeep was behaving in a completely inappropriate manner.

naked teacher in the car

Not only was the man naked, but he was also pleasuring himself. After capturing a strange scene, an eyewitness handed over suspicious material to the police. Surprisingly, the troublemaker turned out to be Michael Tew, a teacher and administrative officer at Eastern Michigan University (USA). The heads of the educational institution expressed their deepest regret in connection with the incident and added that Michael was suspended from work indefinitely, plus he was forbidden to appear on campus. Particularly noted was the fact that during the teaching activity of the man, which lasted from 1989, there were no complaints against him.

naked teacher in the car

The detained teacher has paid $17,000 bail and is awaiting trial for indecency.

Women who please themselves open a portal to hell

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