Apr 28, 2021
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Universal ship: how the combat power of the frigate “Marshal Shaposhnikov” increased after modernization

The frigate of the Russian Navy “Marshal Shaposhnikov” completed factory tests after modernization and became part of the permanent readiness forces of the Pacific Fleet. The ship, in addition to anti-submarine and anti-aircraft systems, was armed with modern Kalibr-NK and Uranus complexes, as well as the latest artillery and electronic weapons. Experts note that thanks to the update, the Navy received a new powerful combat unit.

The Russian frigate “Marshal Shaposhnikov”, which is armed with the cruise missiles “Caliber” and “Uranus”, completed the program of factory tests after overhaul with modernization and became part of the permanent readiness forces of the Pacific Fleet. This was reported by the Ministry of Defense.

It is noted that during the tests at sea, the ship confirmed the compliance of the maneuvering and speed qualities with the declared characteristics, and also demonstrated the reliable operation of systems and mechanisms, navigation and radio equipment.

“At the training grounds, the frigate launched cruise missiles of the Kalibr complex at sea and air targets, carried out a series of artillery fires, attacked a simulated enemy submarine with torpedoes and depth charges, struck an air target with Dagger anti-aircraft missiles and carried out electronic jamming”, – noted in the message of the defense department.

In addition, during the tests, the crews of the Ka-27 anti-submarine and rescue helicopters checked the updated aviation complex of the frigate and successfully performed flights from the deck, including on the move.

From BOD to frigate

The modernization of the frigate “Marshal Shaposhnikov” was carried out on the basis of JSC “Ship repair center” Dalzavod “in Vladivostok. Within its framework, more than 40% of the hull structures were dismantled and re-manufactured according to the designer’s drawings, and the main cable routes were replaced by 80%. In addition, the ship underwent repairs to the outboard fittings and installed new equipment.

In addition to anti-submarine and anti-aircraft weapons systems, the modernized frigate received modern Kalibr-NK and Uranium strike missile systems, as well as the latest artillery and electronic weapons, the Defense Ministry stressed.

It is worth noting that Marshal Shaposhnikov is a Project 1155 ship and before the upgrade was classified as a large anti-submarine ship (BOD). The ships of this project were created in the 1970s against the background of the development of the American submarine fleet. From 1977 to 1991, 12 ships of this series were launched.

These were highly specialized ships, which, in order to effectively combat surface targets, had to act in conjunction with the destroyers of Project 956 “Sarych”, armed with anti-ship cruise missiles.

Ships of this type are outdated, because the issues of tactics and strategy have changed along with the realities of modern naval combat, military expert Alexei Leonkov noted in an interview with RT.

“Now we need other types of weapons, other means of detecting the enemy. The most successful solution was the project to modernize this anti-submarine ship into a multipurpose frigate. This experiment can be considered successful, ”said the expert.

After modernization, “Marshal Shaposhnikov”, thanks to equipping with shock weapons, became a frigate – a universal ship that is capable of fighting not only underwater, but also against surface and ground targets.

The program for the modernization of ships of this type is needed to increase the number of large warships in the Russian Navy, Dmitry Litovkin, editor of the newspaper Nezavisimo Voennoe Obozreniye, emphasized in a conversation with RT.

“Initially, Project 1155 BODs were supposed to accompany nuclear cruisers, aircraft carriers and strengthen the long-range defense line. Their task was to find and destroy submarines that could attack the grouping, ”said the expert.

  • Frigate of the Pacific Fleet “Marshal Shaposhnikov”
  • RIA News
  • © Vitaly Ankov

At present, an ocean-going fleet is being created in Russia, for which nuclear-powered missile cruisers and the aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov will be modernized, recalled Dmitry Litovkin.

“In order for these ships to operate in the far zone, escort ships will be needed, and Marshal Shaposhnikov is the combat unit capable of performing this task. He can fight submarines, strengthen air defense, thanks to the “Calibers” he can independently strike along the coastline, “said the interlocutor of RT.

Impact weapons

The main weapon of the ship after the modernization was the Caliber and Uranus missiles. The Caliber family includes several types of missiles: anti-ship missiles for strikes against ground targets and torpedo missiles for destroying submarines. All of them are unified in size for use in ZS14 universal ship installations.

The declared flight range of the sea-based Caliber is about 1.4 thousand km.

Kalibr missiles significantly increase the combat capabilities of any ship, turning it into a shock combat unit, Dmitry Litovkin emphasized.

“To date, Caliber is the most effective and long-range cruise missile, which was proven in 2015, when the ships of the Caspian Flotilla attacked terrorist targets in Syria. Now the entire Russian fleet is being re-equipped with this type of missile. From our water area, we can control half of the Middle East, North Africa and all of Europe, ”the expert said.

Tactical anti-ship missiles “Uranus” (Kh-35) are designed to destroy combat and landing surface ships, as well as transport ships in convoys and strike groups.

At the same time, the ship’s launchers will allow it to use other promising samples of Russian high-precision cruise missiles, Dmitry Litovkin notes.

“If we take into account that a universal launcher is being put on it, which can accept both Caliber and Onyx, and in the future, most likely, the hypersonic Zircon, then it will be a ship that is capable of fighting a huge by the number of types of goals and applied in different situations, ”the expert emphasized.

At the same time, the frigate retained its range of missile and bomb weapons, which it was equipped with as an anti-submarine ship: the Kinzhal air defense missile system, RBU-6000 sea rocket launchers and torpedo tubes.

The modernization significantly increased the combat power of Marshal Shaposhnikov in comparison with other ships of Project 1155, noted Alexey Leonkov.

“After installing the Caliber missiles, this ship can solve a wider range of missions. He can strike at both sea and ground targets. At the same time, the installation of the Uranus complex also provides additional opportunities for combating surface ships, ”the expert explained.

  • Frigate of the Pacific Fleet “Marshal Shaposhnikov”
  • RIA News
  • © Vitaly Ankov

The combat power of this ship has increased several times, and it has become a multipurpose unit that can operate in the near sea zone at a distance of up to 4 thousand miles, the interlocutor of RT noted.

“If the remaining ships of Project 1155 receive the same re-equipment, then the Russian Navy will acquire new effective combat units without significant costs. Building a new ship is much more expensive than upgrading. “Marshal Shaposhnikov” is a test of the pen, ”Leonkov noted.

At the same time, in the future, according to him, it will be possible to replace Ka-27 helicopters with more modern ones.

“You shouldn’t stop there, we need to develop this project further. This update confirmed that obsolete ships can be turned into a rather formidable combat unit. Prior to that, it was believed that these ships were not subject to modernization and were only suitable for scrapping. “Marshal Shaposhnikov” showed that this is not so, “the expert concluded.

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