Apr 5, 2021
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Universal cleaning from all deterioration on agate bread

Universal cleaning from all deterioration on agate bread

Corruption and evil eye have existed side by side with humanity since time immemorial, and it is possible to become a victim of an envious person even in the age of technology. Those who are faced with the need to remove damage should pay attention to universal cleaning, which will help remove a negative program.

Removing spoilage is a special aspect of art that anyone can master. Thanks to proven techniques, you can get rid of negative effects in a short time, until damage has done much damage. Experts recommend using the method of our grandfathers using black bread to protect yourself from the destructive acts of black magic.

Having found the presence of damage, it is necessary to immediately take measures to eliminate it, and a simple but effective cleaning will help in this. It will require:

black bread (more importantly baked on your own); salt; white board (it is purchased in a church shop or brought from home to service); sharp knife; church candle; personal item (underwear).

After waking up on an empty stomach, they take a sip of holy water, after asking for blessings from higher powers. After that, they sit down with a mug at the home iconostasis, put a cloth on their head without tying it, and put agate bread on top, holding it with their hands. After that they read the prayers “Our Father”, “Symbol of Faith”, a prayer appeal to Nicholas the Wonderworker.

They remove the bread with a handkerchief and put it on the table, and put a church candle near it. The bread is cut in half, but not to the coffin, so that it does not fall into 2 halves, salt is poured inside (for these, you can use black Thursday for these rounder) and the “Our Father” is read again, bending over the bread so that the breath falls on both halves …

After that, a knife with a candle is crossed over the bread and the plot is read:

“Oh, Lord, do not allow trouble, save your servant (name). Healing came down, grant intercession, do not leave in trouble. Release the terrible spoilage from me and lock it in bread. “

The bread is carefully closed, and wax is dripped on top three times, sealing the spoilage inside. Such a ritual will remove any negative attachments and cleanse from corruption. The bread is asked for forgiveness, and then tied in a headscarf, carried out of the house to a deserted intersection and left there without untiing the knots.

After the cleansing in the church, it is necessary to order the magpie, as well as repent of sins and take communion.

You can remove damage in different ways, but in order for negative programs not to cause harm, you need to worry about your safety in advance with the help of prayers that will protect you from bad influences.

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