Dec 27, 2020
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Univer star Alexey Gavrilov told why he parted with Christina Asmus

01:32, 26.12.

The romance of the actors stopped due to their passion for work.

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Kristina Asmus has been married to her husband Garik Kharlamov for almost eight years. During this time, a daughter, Anastasia, was born in an acting family. Christina and Garik were considered one of the strongest couples in the domestic show business, but this summer they suddenly announced a divorce. The reason for the separation of the ex-wife has not yet been announced. However, there are rumors that relationship problems began after the release of the film “Text”, where Asmus starred in a frank scene with Ivan Yankovsky.

Today, the former lover of Christina Asmus, actor Alexei Gavrilov, spoke about the reasons for the discord in their relationship. Christina and Alexey started dating in 2011. Then Gavrilov starred in the TV series “Univer”, where he played the role of Gosha, and Asmus in the TV series “Interns” Barbarian Chernous. The sets of these serial films were nearby and the actors often talked. In this way friendships quickly developed into romantic ones.

Alexey Gavrilov

“At some point, we often crossed paths, came back from filming, talked and supported each other. And this friendship grew into a personal relationship. For a long time, no one even knew that we had any feelings. We met after filming, and on the set acted as if there was nothing between us, ”said the artist in the YouTube show“ Better the Truth ”.

However, this alliance proved to be short-lived. According to Gavrilov, it was he who initiated the separation, since due to the heavy workload, they could not see each other often, and Christina was more passionate about work than her personal life. “Christina is an actress-actress. At some point, I stopped understanding where the person was and where the image was. She is, however, very talented, so gets used to her acting story that somewhere she brings her to life. When we were in a relationship, I honestly didn’t understand who I was with. I still share my profession and life, ”said the artist.

Kristina Asmus

Note that recently, Christina Asmus has been credited with novels with many famous men. For example, at the end of September, news appeared that Kristina Asmus and Alexey Uchitel were in a romantic relationship. The actress and the director were allegedly seen in one of the restaurants in the center of the capital, and then the two of them left by car in an unknown direction. Christina Asmus did not react to the rumors about the novel, and Alexey Uchitel denied them.

Christina herself claims that at the moment she is actively pursuing her career. This year, the artist performed as a sex chat employee in the film Kitoboy, produced by Alexey Uchitel. Kristina also played the main role of Oleg Asadulin’s comedy “Bulki”, and the reality show “Gold of Gelendzhik” started on TNT this fall, in which the star acted as co-hosts of Ivan Okhlobystin and Timur Rodriguez.

Kristina Asmus had a hard time leading the image of the show “Gelendzhik Gold”

Moreover, participation in the project “Gold of Gelendzhik” was not easy for the actress. Christina said that the shooting lasted almost a month and all this time she had to work 20 hours a day. Her unusual image turned out to be a particular difficulty in working on the show. In addition, for the sake of filming in the project “Gold of Gelendzhik” Kristina Asmus had to skip the first school line in her daughter’s life. Seven-year-old Anastasia went to first grade in September, but on that day only her father, Garik Kharlamov, was with her. Christina said that she dreamed of taking her daughter to school herself and, due to the circumstances, cried all night before September 1.

Garik Kharlamov and Christina Asmus

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