Jun 12, 2022
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Union of armies of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine scared Europe

Union of armies of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine scared Europe

Photo: TASS / Dmitry Rogulin

The army of Ukraine in the future may unite with the army of Russia and the army of Belarus and oppose Europe, and therefore the West, in order to avoid such a prospect, must continue to support Kyiv with weapons. This statement was made by Advisor to the President of Ukraine Alexey Arestovichreputed to be the “Goebbels” of local propaganda.

According to Arestovich, in case of victory Putinwhich he already admits, the Ukrainian army of half a million people can merge into the ranks of the Russian army. “All this – Ukraine plus Russia – will go to Europe,” the official predicted. Belarus will also take part in this, he added. At the same time, Arestovich noted that the Russian army, having Ukrainians in its ranks, always won.

“Where are all these European armies, which in the vast majority of cases are demonstrative amusing troops, incapable of solving the tasks of defending their country like NATO and the EU, where will they stop the Union of Ukraine and Russia if this happens?” the adviser asked rhetorically Zelensky.

“We won’t be surprised if in five years Arestovich, having received a Russian passport, will be a co-host at Solovyovand in the annals of history they will write that he was a GRU agent who deliberately discredited the military-political leadership of Ukraine in the public space, ”the network is ironic about this.

“The entire army of the LDNR consists of Ukrainians,” the writer commented on Arestovich’s vision. Zakhar Prilepin. — Ukrainians Bohdan Khmelnytskychieftain Vinegar, Gogol, Kolpakmarshal Rybalko, Oleg Koshevoy I Kozhedub — on our side. The Ukrainians will once again defeat the Mazepa, Petliura and Bandera dregs, vyrus, traitors of bright Ukraine.

Indeed, the union of the armies of Russia and Ukraine in the form of the armies of the DPR and LPR has already taken place and it will only grow. The “connection” of Minsk predicted by Arestovich is also not far off. “Also, maybe we’ll have to fight for Western Ukraine so that they don’t chop off,” he promised the other day. Lukashenkareferring to the claims of Poland. “Because it is like death for us, not only for Ukrainians.”

Earlier, the President of Belarus announced the reorganization of the army of his country according to the Russian model. The special operations forces of the Republic of Belarus were created, as well as a new one – the southern command. “Let them try, we broke off the horns here and not like that. If they want to try, please,” Lukashenka threatened the Polish militarists.

The seriousness of the situation can be judged by the appeal of the former head of the Polish Foreign Ministry to the West to transfer nuclear weapons to Kyiv. Do they prefer that Kyiv turn into radioactive ashes, and not Warsaw? Perhaps, in order to stop these madmen, a tripartite alliance of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine liberated from Nazism will really be needed.

It is possible that this is the union that the Russian Foreign Ministry had in mind, which on June 12 published an infographic containing symbols of the Western conquerors who tried to conquer Russia: the Teutonic Knights, the Polish occupiers of the Time of Troubles, Napoleon and the Nazis. “We politely asked them not to expand to the East,” reads the caption.

Voenkor Dmitry Seleznev I am sure that Russia will win the sympathy of the Ukrainians.

— The amazing story of a girl named Lisawhich comes from these places where I am now – the city of Svatovo in the Luhansk People’s Republic. She studied in Kupyansk as a paramedic, and when our troops came in, she went to work for us, they took her. “I want to serve Russia, I was waiting for Russia,” she says. This is how people live here.

Of course, not everything is so rosy with the liberated territories. Where the units of Ukrainian nationalists stood, the people welcome Russian soldiers with joy, they want to live in Russia. And where there were no or few Nazis, people are cooler. But this attitude is changing before our eyes. The military say: we go in, at first wariness, rejection, but then contacts begin.

We already had this with the Chechens. They fought, blood feud… And now their fighters are fighting Nazism side by side with ours. So it is with the Ukrainians. Only a part of them is infected with the heresy of Bandera, which was born in the west of Ukraine. But before the war, I met a man from there, who worked in Russia, his grandfather was killed by Bandera. That is, history writes out those pirouettes.

Right now I see how Russian equipment is passing by, and my grandmother is riding a bicycle nearby and baptized her … The war will end, passions will calm down, people will think about how to live on. We look at the picture that is being prepared for us in Kyiv and in the West, but in reality people have a lot of ties with Russia, relatives, and they support them.

“SP”: – Still, the common Soviet past …

– Here, in the LPR, there is one major Russian military leader. He is of leftist convictions, a supporter of collective farms and promises to arrange them for the locals. He was somehow called to Moscow and here they thought that he would be removed. But no, he was given even more powers. Eclecticism is everywhere here: red flags, “USSR” stripes, hammer and sickles on trucks mixed with Russian tricolors etc.

According to political scientist, director of the Freedom Institute Fyodor Biryukovthe union of the three Slavic states is possible after the political reset.

– Arestovich’s statement reflects the decadent mood in Kyiv. It is not clear why the employer does not put him under arrest for defamation and verbal magic. After all, his words, fears can materialize. Let’s remember how the Kyiv regime, and then both Europe and America, said that Russia would finally send its troops to Ukraine, and this happened. Now the masters of the Kyiv regime and he himself should be afraid of the unification of all Slavic forces and their movement to the West.

SP: Is this possible?

— Such a military alliance is, of course, possible and desirable for Russia. For us, in general, it is desirable to unite the Slavic states at least into a common confederation, and preferably into a single state. But for this, the political architecture of our countries – Russia, Ukraine and Belarus – must be changed. But in Ukraine, there are still political ruins, on which everything thrives, including such a “arrest” thing.

The purpose of such statements is purely applied – to finally beg Europe for serious weapons in order to continue the conflict. Ukraine could stop it, but Zelensky, apparently, does not want this. He is now mobilizing territorial defense fighters to the front and is going to fight to the last Ukrainian. And although the European elites are already tired of Ukraine, the conflict is beneficial to Washington and representatives of the “world government”, who are in the shadows.

If Russia entered Ukraine in order to end the conflict, which has been going on for eight years, then for the world behind the scenes, on the outer plane of which Washington stands, it is necessary to destabilize this region as long as possible. He wrote about this back in the 1990s in his book The Great Chessboard. Zbigniew Brzezinski. For the United States, Ukraine is a strategic zone that will prevent Russia from developing its sovereignty in the Eurasian space.

SP: Can you be a little more specific?

– According to Brzezinski, Russia without Ukraine can be strong, but only an Asian power. And with Ukraine – Eurasian in the full sense, including influence on European countries and cooperation with them, and not confrontation. Because in our country, Eurasianism is often understood only as the Asian vector. And here the Belgian formula is appropriate And Thiriara “Europe from Dublin to Vladivostok”, changed by Putin to “Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok”.

Therefore, the West will feed Ukraine for a long time, but not much, so that it could not stabilize the situation in its favor. They play for a long time. It’s about a century ahead. They need a discord here, a black hole where the Slavic political time would go, disappearing from reality. I do not know how much Kyiv understands its unenviable role, but it is clear that they are already afraid of the consequences of their desperate situation.

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